Empathic Studies: 21st Century University Science Degree Program in Psychical Empathy

Top Quote Today, the University of Alternative Studies is launching its Bachelors of Science Degree Program in Empathic Studies. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 11, 2012 - The University of Alternative Studies (UAS) was founded in 2009 with the objective of offering students with a passion for parapsychology, metaphysics, and psychical phenomena comprehensive, professional, advanced scientific course curriculums. Today, UAS is launching its Bachelors of Science Degree Program in Empathic Studies. This Bachelors Degree Program is based on straightforward, honest explanations of psychical empathy through new research initiatives in parapsychology, psychology, neuroscience, quantum mechanics, and related subjects. Whether the prospective student is an intelligent layperson or professional curious about psychical empathy, or looking to discover how to utilize psychical empathy, our degree program will provide a detailed framework, without complicated equations, onto which more advanced concepts can be applied. UAS degree program tuition is very, very affordable, and scholarships are available for the underprivileged. 10% of all UAS degree program proceeds are donated to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization for parapsychological research efforts.

    This degree program will be a revelation of what actions and influences empathists are involved in and exactly how one can take their empathic ability to a completely new level step-by-step. Empathology is an alternative parapsychology profession involving over a century of interdisciplinary research involving the analysis of the emotional basis of consciousness and the mental and physiological processes associated with a wide variety of emotional experiences. The Empathic Studies Degree Program involves the newly released textbook on psychical empathy titled "Empathy: A Quantum Approach - The Psychical Influence of Emotion," which has already been digitally released to Barnes and Noble, and will be released on Amazon.com through the Kindle Store and as a paperback soon.

    Empathy Degree Program Overview: Open Enrollment. Recommended Prerequisites Only. All Study Materials (Digital Textbook | 347 Pages) Included. UAS Empathic Studies Diploma. 4 Month - 1 Year + Degree Program w/ 9 Courses and 9 Exams. Includes: Models, Definitions, Descriptions, Techniques, and Therapeutic and Experimental Practical Applications. Required Essay: 2,500 words. Graduating Score: 70% or higher Time to Complete Program: Unlimited.

    Courses Titles Offered Include: Models of Psi Mediation: Classical and Quantum Approaches, Models of the Experiential Phase of Psi: Quantum Mechanical and Cognitive Aspects, Models of Extrasensory Perception: A Quantum Mechanical Approach to ESP Phenomenology, Models of Empathy I: Empathic Phenomenology, Models of Empathy II - Intentional Empathic Experiences and Techniques, Models of Empathy III - Therapeutic and Experimental Applications, Psychical Profiling - Psychological, Physiological, and Psychical Health, Meditation - Enhancing Skill Through Psychophysiological Well-Being, and Psychical Ethics - Morality and Ethics: What They Are and Why They Matter.

    UAS Professionals (Graduates) of our alternative and professional specializations go off to use their education to become entrepreneurial writers, consultants, educators, researchers, and more within their alternative field of study with or without a formal degree in a similar area. The University's degree programs are designed especially so our students can receive a solid education in the sciences behind specific psychical and alternative studies. Our degree programs and individual courses provide opportunities for students and working adults to study alternative fields in a distance learning and online format for personal, educational, and professional advancement. We provide students with high-quality and university-level academic work, and encourage student-professor and student-student interaction.

    UAS offers up-to-date higher education based on current interdisciplinary research initiatives. As you browse through our study material references, you will see that we offer cutting-edge education through established scientific fields and areas of research (e.g. physics and biology), and emerging scientific fields and areas of research (e.g. neuroquantology and quantum cognition). In addition, unlike most books in regards to psychical studies, which are typically very watered down for the masses and provide little depth for extensive questioning, or professional research journals in which are typically written in a highly technical format, UAS provides a semi-technical approach to psychical studies, which guides our students deeper into the sciences, whereby answering an extensive number of questions, void of overly complex concepts and equations.

    The University is founded on the belief that: (1) Psychical ability typically presents itself in an elegant and subtle manner in healthy individuals and functions along with other "normal" mental processes. Therefore, psychical ability often remains unnoticeable. (2) Psychical ability typically presents itself in a spontaneously pronounced and often obtrusive manner in individuals under stress. Therefore, emotional intelligence and psychical education is critical for stable (useful) psychical performance. (3) That individuals use psychical ability in everyday life to respond to their environment adaptively, in a way that fulfills their needs. Therefore, psychical ability can be utilized to improve quality of life and enhance work performance.

    Our degree programs and textbook are designed and written by our University President and Professor of Psychical (Consciousness) Studies, Dr. Theresa M. Kelly. Dr. Kelly is Alternative/Holistic Medicine Doctor and Counselor, Professional Metaphysicist, Bestselling Kindle Author on the subjects of Parapsychology and Metaphysics, and Director of Research and Development for QPPResearch. In addition, she is a Member of the Parapsychological Association (PA), an Affiliated Organization of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and a Member of the Metaphysical Society of America (MSA). Methodologically speaking, her emphasis is on the importance of the investigative mode of the established sciences to inquire into the authenticity of and ultimately, to explain the nature of psychical phenomena.

    The University of Alternative Studies also offers a science degree program in Telepathic Studies, Clairvoyant Studies, and single and series introductory courses in various Extrasensory (ESP) and Psychokinesis-based (PK) studies. In addition, UAS offers a Psychical Mentoring Certification Program. For more information on the new 2012 University of Alternative Studies Degree Program in Empathic Studies, please visit the University website. Included on-page is a detailed curriculum overview and information regarding the experimental and therapeutic applications of Empathic Studies. Also cited are all textbook references involved in the program. All study materials are included on enrollment.

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