Drama Rainbow takes the innovation initiative in introducing famous British Creativity Training known as "Drama In Education" for Beijing children

Top Quote Chinese kindergarten kids will now get famous British creativity training to help them break free of copy-cat culture and become innovators. Popular and proven for over 25 years in the UK, this program teaches children how to think creatively - by habit! End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 17, 2011 - Today Director Mr. Anthony announced that Drama Rainbow of Beijing was heeding the call of Premier Wen Jiabao for creativity in China's schools by announcing new weekly Drama In Education programs to be offered to 300 children in Beijing. This DiE program is one of many taught in the U.K. over the last 25 years, which has been embraced by both early education teachers and child psychologists alike as being the first step in cultivating creative children. Over 6 million kids have completed this program in Europe since 1975.

    As some notable Nobel peace prize winners like Ghandi and Einstein have claimed in the past, there is more to education than just pure academics, and neglecting a child's creative development limits their professional and social growth as well as their personal happiness. Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge in life" and modern day visionaries like Bill Gates, Li Ka Shing, and Steve Jobs agree. Indeed ideas cannot happen without imagination, and imagination only grows inside fertile minds. Premier Wen Jiabao recently echoed these same sentiments in his NPC call for education reform that will better prepare China's children for a shrinking international world where the country is now playing a leading role in many areas of geopolitics.

    Imagination and creativity are exactly the two magic elements grown at Drama Rainbow of Beijing which unlike other traditional schools, does not tell children what to think but rather how to think - creatively by habit. Using the proven DiE methods of the U.K. Drama Rainbow students learn how to solve problems and foster ideas all by themselves using "A mind of my own" (Drama' Rainbow's motto) through interactive role play as they become characters inside an imaginary story for two hours every week. The stories are skillfully crafted by the veteran international DiE teachers of Drama Rainbow who are not merely teachers, but also mentors, and friends to the kids. They are trained by not only the U.K. DiE experts, but also by child psychologists so that the Drama Rainbow program is child-centered, giving each student individual attention is small classes of 10-12 students in a bi-lingual environment.

    At Drama Rainbow the youngsters learn by actually doing in a fun and stress-free environment that continuously stimulates original and independent thinking. Teachers play a guiding role by asking or answering questions. For years, child psychologists have acknowledged that when learning is fun, kids not only learn more, but faster too.

    The children themselves determine the outcome of each story by the choices and decision they make as they attempt to resolve the problem in the story. Afterward they explain why they made their particular choice and why they think it was a good decision for them.

    This interactive education process of Drama in Education is not only quite popular in Europe but also highly effective in dramatically boosting the creativity, self-confidence, and focus levels of children. In fact, research studies conducted at UCLA, Stanford, and the DICE project confirm that children who take creativity training in their formative years (Before age 8) go on to develop IQs, EQs, and test scores that are typically 10%-20% higher than their peers (See below Chart)

    According to Teaching Director Colin Cao, "This is precisely the type of creativity training every Chinese child needs to break out of the copy-cat mental mold we have been imposing upon our kids for years." Dr. Cai Jingkun, a local Beijing child psychologist agrees, and former Peking University professor DiMarco further added "There is no greater gift a parent can give their child than the confidence to be creative enough to make their own choices in life. Chinese children should grow up knowing they can choose their career paths and goals and Drama Rainbow plants the seed of creativity in their minds."

    Currently Drama Rainbow has 150 students enrolled at their Haidian school but plans to open more locations later this year in Chaoyang and Wangjing are in the works. Their current program in Haidian is now being expanded to 300 children, as new international teachers are being recruited and trained. Although there is currently a waiting list of parents, children who show the most potential move to the front of the line so to speak. Drama Rainbow offers one hour creativity evaluations for young children for 300 yuan, but in support of Premier Wen's call for " Chinese innovation by the year 2020" the evaluations will be given free of charge through the end of March.

    Drama Rainbow is also now introducing this progressive DiE innovative education method with in-school demonstrations to a select group of Beijing kindergartens as part of a pilot program they would like to do across China. Kindergarten principals that wish to participate in this program are encouraged to contact Drama Rainbow directly.

    If China is to accelerate it closure of the technology gap with the West, Drama Rainbow has taken the first step at the most basic and critical level - with the nation's youngest students. Those wishing more information about Drama Rainbow can call Mr. Anthony at 8255-3078 or visiting the company web site at www.DramaRainbow.com

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