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  • ACCA Certification Opens the Career Prospects Widely
  • We are a world-class education provider for accounting and other financial career opportunities, and Gleim is our contact partner in providing us with the best study material for accounting studies and other competitive sectors. AKPIS professionals are offering certification courses and virtual training sessions for the aspirants to motivate the culture of competitiveness and hardworking in them.
  • By Akpis Professionals - July 22, 2021
  • SwifLearn Genius Contest – The Leaderboard Toppers
  • A first of its kind, the SwifLearn Genius Contest received a great response from the students and their parents. With 41 participants sharing the science behind different everyday phenomena, the contest provided a perfect platform for the students to exhibit their knowledge among their peers.
  • By Swiflearn - June 18, 2021
  • Batch Nickname Contest - Swiflearn [Results Announced]
  • Swiflearn has recently rolled out a new batch nickname feature where the students will get a chance to identify their batch with a nickname which they decide among themselves. Once the students share the decided nickname with their batch teacher and the teacher updates it on our system, it will show in the upcoming class cards.
  • By Swiflearn - June 15, 2021