Doctor YASER J. K. ALSAIDI raising awareness about COVID-19 virus

Top Quote Yaser. J. K. Alsaidi is a famous Palestinian Medical Neurosurgeon, activist, and public figure. He is also an ambassador for world health, We interviewed doctor Yaser. J. K. Alsaidi ( Russian: ЯСЕР Дж. К. АЛСАИДИ ) to get the latest in formations about the current situation of covid-19 . End Quote
  • Anderson, SC (1888PressRelease) October 26, 2021 - After almost two years Since the Covid-19 pandemic started there has been so much loss and so much pain , But with it comes new wisdom that may help positively reshape the way we go forward . The Coronavirus shows us how terrible it really is to waste our lives, embroiled in endless battles for wealth and status and power. How terrible it really is not to recognize the value in the people around us not just our family and friends, not just colleagues and fellow citizens, but also complete strangers. How terrible it is not to give our lives meaning every hour of every day by honoring the sacredness of life and according all living things the respect, sensitivity and care that they deserve Doctor Yaser J. K. Alsaidi says .

    What is the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in general?
    Virus (Covid-19) is an infectious disease (respiratory system) caused by the coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the first known case was identified in Wuhan / China on December 31, 2019, infection can occur through direct contact or Indirectly with the infected person through infected secretions such as saliva and respiratory secretions (coughing, sneezing, talking...etc).

    What are the symptoms of coronavirus disease (Covid-19)?
    There are no specific symptoms for people infected with the emerging coronavirus disease (Covid-19), but there are common symptoms for a large group of infected people, which are:
    ⦁ Fever
    ⦁ dry cough
    ⦁ Fatigue

    despite the fact that a large group of infected people do not show any symptoms when they contract the disease ( Asymptomatic carrier ), and this makes detecting the disease more difficult because the disease will be detected only by a specialized swab .

    What are the ways to detect infection with the emerging coronavirus disease (Covid-19)?

    There are many ways to detect infection with the emerging coronavirus disease (Covid-19), and the most effective of them are:
    PCR test / by collecting mucus from the nose or throat using a specialized swab in order to detect the genetic material of the virus.
    Antibody test / by taking a blood sample to look for antibodies, which is evidence that your immune system has encountered infection before.
    Fortunately, there are many vaccines approved by the World Health Organization for the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19),
    The Pfizer / BioNtech Comirnaty vaccine that was included in the WHO Emergency Use List (EUL) on December 31, 2020
    SII/Covishield and AstraZeneca/AZD1222 vaccine (developed by AstraZeneca/Oxford and manufactured by State Institute of India and SK Bio respectively) on February 16.
    Janssen/Ad26.COV 2.S vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson, in EUL on March 12, 2021.
    Moderna COVID-19 (mRNA 1273) vaccine in EUL on April 30, 2021.
    Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine in EUL on May 7, 2021 (Sinopharm vaccine is produced by Beijing Bio-Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China National Biotec Group (CNBG)).

    Despite the fact that some COVID-19 mutants such as Eta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Delta and the new Mu mutant first discovered in Colombia in January 2021 make things difficult to fully contain COVID-19, It means that he may also be able to evade some of the protection we get from COVID-19 vaccines due to the fact that most COVID-19 vaccines target the virus' "spike protein", which it uses to enter human cells. The virus, most commonly a spike protein, so our immune system can learn to fight off the virus if it encounters it.

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