October 26, 2021 Latest News

  • Doctor YASER J. K. ALSAIDI raising awareness about COVID-19 virus
  • Yaser. J. K. Alsaidi is a famous Palestinian Medical Neurosurgeon, activist, and public figure. He is also an ambassador for world health, We interviewed doctor Yaser. J. K. Alsaidi ( Russian: ЯСЕР Дж. К. АЛСАИДИ ) to get the latest in formations about the current situation of covid-19 .
  • By Soldon
  • Two brothers from a small town created an International furniture brand
  • Saharanpur Based Wooden Twist, is an online furniture store that focuses on building hand carved furniture for its customers. Starting from Saharanpur, the startup currently has clients across the globe. Wooden Twist is a leading brand of India in wooden furniture. Established in 2019 by brothers Faheem Shamsi and Azeem Shamsi as a small business has gone to become a grand brand in itself today.
  • By Wooden Twist
  • GetMySpares a unique marketplace for home appliance spare parts
  • From consumer electronics, home appliances & HVAC products - an individual at some point requires everything in time. This is the extent of dependency of human beings on these products. With regular use, these appliances can develop an error. Sometime the error is easily resolved and in a few cases, there is a requirement of replacing the entire product.
  • By Getmyspares