Details of Cubaaz's President Interview at the Madrid Stock Exchange

Top Quote Mickael Mosse, the CEO of Cubaaz, alongside Rodolfo Carpintier, the President of DAS, were interviewed for Estrategias de Inversion on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 where they provided comprehensive answers to several questions that concern the Cubaaz platform. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 28, 2018 - The interview, which was held at 12:30 Spain time inside the trading room of the Madrid Stock Exchange, afforded the top executives of Cubaaz an opportunity to shed more light on the platform as well as its business model.

    For the benefits of our English investors and users, the interview has been translated from Spanish into the English language, and the details are as follow:

    Question: First of all, what is this ICO for and why does it arise? What is its operation?
    Mickael Mossé: Our group has decided to make an ICO (Initial Coin Offer) which is like entering the stock market but through cryptocurrency. This allows us to raise funds without giving shares in exchange. During the ICO, we issue a token, in the form a cryptocurrency, which is given in exchange for investor’s investment. We have chosen this type of strategy because we think it is the most appropriate for what we are doing and our market since we are in a sector where we use blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and other technologies. That is why we have launched this ICO since February 5. 

    Question: How is it different from others in the market?
    Mickael Mossé: We are very focused on the tourism sector, and our platform will allow us to solve some problems that we usually encounter when we want to travel. For instance, I have had to travel a lot for business to more than 36 countries over the last few years, and I have seen various problems concerning planes, hotels and more. Also, to buy a ticket, I have to use Expedia and to rent a room of the hotel, I need For these activities, I have to create an account on different platforms with different payments. 

    We decided to facilitate this process using four very important technologies - blockchain, artificial and collective intelligence, big data and the use of cryptocurrencies - that will allow us to search and find the best prices in what we are looking for. We will not only offer more than 100 services, but you can also book and pay for everything without leaving our platform.

    Question: Usually, when buying ICOs, one of the most important things that investors have to look at is what is behind it and what supports it. What is behind Cubaaz Coin? What supports it?

    Mickael Mossé: Cubaaz Coin is what we give in exchange for the investment of people and can be negotiated a few days after the end of our ICO on April 10, and this cryptocurrency can also be used to make purchases on our platform. It is a system for payment like normal currency.

    Question: There is a marketing limit date for Cubaaz Coin, which will be next April 10th as you mentioned. Does anyone who wants to buy this currency have to buy bitcoin and then exchange to this currency?

    Mickael Mossé: In our case, we give the possibility to pay in 150 different cryptocurrencies. Obviously, the main ones are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, but we also allow people who have other cryptocurrencies to participate. In addition, due to the demand that we have received, we will allow people to make payments with regular cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

    After Mickael Mosse provided answers to these questions, others were directed at Rodolfo Carpintier, who is a member of the Advisory Board of Cubaaz.

    Questions: What are the risks that the investor assumes when investing in Cubaaz?

    Rodolfo Carpintier: The usual ones. When you invest in a startup, the risk is the money you put into it. The advantage that ICOs have is that it is, like what is happening in the local world, that the financing methods are crowdfunding type. In the end, people invest relatively small amounts and what they want in a world that is reinventing itself, and what it wants is for them to try. I have analyzed several ICOs, and it is interesting because the average investment is between 500 – 1,000 Euros. People who invest in this often invest in several others to see the opportunities they have.

    The great advantage of a project like Cubaaz is that, from the beginning, it has an approach of using collective intelligence which is something that we have in this company and is part of this project. We believe that there is an opportunity to build companies of great value starting from an investment that is very small for an individual.

    At this time worldwide, there are more than 3.5 billion people on the internet, and there are many people interested in seeing what the world of the future will look like. If you look at the countries, Switzerland and Singapore have created regulations for ICOs, and in Spain, tax benefits have begun to be discussed so that people can invest in this type of cryptocurrency. I think it is very simple; the country that generates a friendly regulation of cryptocurrencies will take an important part of the pie. And whoever does not do it will be left out.

    Question: Have you noticed a growth of entrepreneurs interested in launching this type of cryptocurrency?

    Rodolfo Carpintier: In Spain, there is none yet. It is beginning, and only about three or four companies are specializing in ICOs. However, comparing it with the natural market, it is very little, and I think that in countries like Switzerland and Singapore, it is beginning to see a very big movement.

    Question: Last year, we did an interview in Investment Strategies in which he told us that he said no to projects that are fashionable because when this happens, it is always too late to invest. Is it too late to embark on projects of this kind?

    Rodolfo Carpintier: I think we are at the beginning because if you see everything that has been done in ICOs worldwide, they are few figures compared to what is done in startups in each country. The ICOs at this moment certainly represent less than 2% of what is invested worldwide, and I believe that it will grow a lot.

    Question: What is the role they have had in Cubaaz?

    Rodolfo Carpintier: Through Knowledge Media Group, which is our partner, we have given a helping hand. We believe that it is an interesting project, and the approach of using our Artificial Intelligence technology with a collective intelligence algorithm will give the Cubaaz platform a prestige from the beginning which is very important. We have an investment of more than 6 million dollars in technology, and being able to apply it in a startup that is launched in a market as concrete as the hospitality industry, I think it will be very interesting.

    This detailed interview is just one of the many ways through which Cubaaz wants to use to educate its existing and potential investors. Cubaaz is determined to offer everyone full knowledge of its platform, business models, services and much more. You can get more information about the interview in Spanish at Estrategias de Inversion or visit to learn more about the Cubaaz platform.

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