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Top Quote Debt Out . Ca, Canada's newest debt settlement agency started by Canada Credit Fix CEO Sheldon Wolf, debuts this week. Possessing industry leading credentials and using its expert staff of financial experts and debt arbitration agents, Debt Out arrives in time to help Canadians who have their credit ruined by unsettled and unpaid debt. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 15, 2012 - The debt settlement agency Debt Out . Ca debuts this week as Canada's newest debt settlement solution for Canadians who are tired of having their credit reports ruined and Debt collector's harassment over their unresolved and unsecured debts.

    Debt Out was created by CEO Sheldon Wolf, the financial and credit industry guru responsible for creating Canada Credit Fix and Zang Connect. Sheldon is also one of Canada's foremost credit experts and specializes in Credit Repair, Identity Theft prevention and Credit restoration.

    With over 20 years of experience in the financial, credit and real estate industry, Sheldon Wolf is one of the foremost experts in the field of personal finance and debt. Sheldon Wolf has penned several books on the subjects of credit repair, debts and debt settlement and spends a large portion of his time lecturing, educating and instructing the topic of fiscal awareness to his fellow Canadians. Sheldon is also on the board of directors for the Credit Institute of Canada; one of Canada's oldest educational institutions for the credit industry. With his wealth of experience, his credentials and his tireless advocacy on behalf of Canadians with credit issues, Sheldon has become a trusted and sought after expert in the financial field, with many Canadian media agencies such as OMNI Channel, Global News, CIC and Consumer Watch are turning to him for information and interview on their Debt and Credit segments.

    With an overall mission to provide a consumer an alternative total solution for financial solvency; Canadians whose credit rating has been devastated by debts, sloppy credit reporting, life changing events and just simple mistakes can now have options. Debt Out was created to provide the debt settlement solutions that will hopefully draw down the number of Canadian consumers filing needless bankruptcies. Debt Out is a debt settlement agency, providing their clients with debt settlement solutions regardless of their particular debt or credit problems. It seems that Canadians only really know and understand Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposals and feel that they have no other choice. Wolf explains that when they consult with their clients almost all of them had no idea that debts could even be negotiated. What is more disturbing is that most Canadians could have easily avoided bankruptcy.

    Debt Out is a licensed corporation and is also registered with Industry Canada. They are also long time certified members of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). The IAPDA is Canada's provider for certification and training of debt arbitrators. Therefore Debt Out has industry leading certification and training for its debt settlement agents, a step up from many debt settlement firms whom some have no certification at all. Debt Out is also a proud long term member of the Credit Institute of Canada and the Better Business Bureau holding an impressive "A" rating. It is with credentials like this that Debt Out establishes themselves as a trustworthy, ethical, well versed and well trained organization who are leading the way in the debt settlement and debt arbitration industry.

    Debt Out does not just settle their client's debts. They are also able to handle foreclosure mitigation, settlement of deficiency judgements, tax amnesty and credit restoration. Debt Out has found that many of their clients have issues with mortgages and late due payments on their houses, and during hard times the loss of people's homes has the most devastating impact on their credit report. It is Debt Out's mission to help prevent people from having their most important assets such as their homes removed from their possession. Debt Out wants to keep people in their homes and will negotiate on their client's behalf to do so, protecting their clients from common foreclosure problems and even unethical foreclosure practices.

    But first and foremost Debt Out settles debts. Debt Out provides its clients with options on how to settle their unsecured and unpaid debts. They offer to negotiate and settle their debts in two ways. The first is in a standard monthly payment schedule with the client's collectors. The other option is to offer a lump sum payment to the creditors in order to finish the debt quickly. Both methods offer to reduce the amount of debt owed by the client by 30 to 50% of the original debt owed, and sometimes even less! Debt Out likes to train their clients to be realistic and explains that every file and every situation is different and may be settled with different strategies. Almost always the debts can be discounted and relationships between the consumer and the creditor can be salvaged. Debt Out is all about educating consumers to own up to the real outstanding principal debt while navigating a fair and realistic strategy. As a result of this program often both the Creditor and the consumer are happy; thus creating a win win environment.

    The debt settlement service can also be combined with Canada Credit Fix's credit report repair service, which helps remove unwanted, inaccurate and wrongly reported entries in people's credit reports in order to improve their overall credit score. Canada Credit Fix has become a trusted leader in the field of credit report repair, credit restoration and debt settlement. With Debt Out as a debt settlement solution, they provide their clients a complete and effective way to help them out of their debt problems and return them to financial solvency.

    Debt Out can be found online at, where clients can apply in real time and be responded to within minutes of their application for a free consultation.

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