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Top Quote Folder Protect is a dynamic data security software that lets users customize security for their data. It allows users to control their sensitive data by setting up various file security restrictions. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 15, 2016 - Beaverton, Oregon - Do you ever wonder what is the secret ingredient in cola soda pop found in Coca Cola or the spices added in KFC chicken? Secret recipes are closely guarded information, but one wonders what is the secret to keeping information secret? At coca cola, the recipe is only known by few confidants at the corporation. Going back in time to discover what led to the invention of this popular drink, it all started when Coca Cola was developed by the pharmacists Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886, his curiosity got the best of him which led him to create a distinctive tasting cola which we now know as Coca Cola. The first and key step involved creating a distinctive tasting syrup, adding key ingredients which gives the syrup its unique and satisfying taste. When it was invented, it wasn't meant to be a cola drink, it was intended to be a medicine which contained cocaine, a prohibited drug in modern time - but back then people used cocaine as a medicine. Nonetheless, the company continued to thrive despite the banning of cocaine due to its unique satisfyingly sugary taste. Till this day, the recipe for this popular soda-pop drink - minus the cocaine - remains a mystery to its competitors.

    Similarly, KFC also grew as a company due to its secret recipe. KFC also grew from the ground up, it all started when Colonel Sanders began selling fried chicken at his roadside kitchen in Corbin, Kentucky. Despite the ongoing depression era, Sander's chicken business continued to grow and he introduced the concept of restaurant franchising. Another surprising fact about KFC was that it was the first restaurant business to open chains outside of united states, greatly expanding its presence internationally. Sanders recipe of his finger licking good chicken contains 11 herbs and spices, and till this day, many have tried competing with his recipe, but failed to produce that distinctive KFC chicken taste.

    Now getting to point, it's easy to correlate that both these brands have one thing in common, and that is their closely guarded secret - their recipe. We know that it is a challenge to create something unique, and whole another challenge to keeping it a secret. These companies have managed to do both things successfully.

    In our modern world, keeping things secret has become a challenge. Given the rise of data theft, hacking and digital espionage, information can be quickly leaked or stolen, given that most of our data stays on the cloud or in our computers. Therefore, keeping secrets on our computers have become far more challenging than inventing a new idea or coming up with a new recipe. Luckily, software like Folder Protect can keep our secret information safe. One would wonder how does Folder Protect keep data safe? Simple, Folder Protect is a data security software that lets your hide and lock your secret documents such as recipes, schematics, marketing secrets, spreadsheets and other information you don't want anyone to steal. Folder Protect offers users to password-protect files and setup customized security settings such as 'no visible', 'no access', 'no delete' and no write.

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