Creative Diagnostics Announces Flow Cytometry Guide for Application

Top Quote Flow Cytometry as a laser-based technique, is often used to count and analysis and applied usually to facilitate biotechnology improvement. Creative Diagnostics today is willing to introduce the technique named the Flow Cytometry Guide. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 05, 2019 - Creative Diagnostics is highly proud to launch a laser-based technique, namely Flow Cytometry, which is used to count and analysis and applied usually to facilitate biotechnology improvement. Creative Diagnostics today is about to introduce the technique, in the meanwhile, the Flow Cytometry Guide is one part in the Guides category.

    Flow cytometry, as a known laser-based technique, is broadly used for calculating and analyzing the size, shape and properties of individual cells in a heterogeneous population. Flow cytometry is measured primarily by the fluorescence intensity produced by fluorescence-binding antibodies that directly recognize target proteins or ligands that specifically bind to intracellular molecules, which can be used to evaluate cell phenotype and purity of isolated subsets. And in the category division, the Guides category falls into the category of Technical Documents.

    Flow cytometry boasts a high accuracy in measuring the characteristics of biological cells and facilitates the popularity and accuracy of biotechnology in cell detection. For years of development, it plays an indispensable role in biotechnology. Undoubtedly, the birth of this technology is of great help and significance to the development and future of biotechnology. In addition, according to the characteristics of cells, heterogeneous mixtures of biological cells, by using a flow cytometry called fluorescent activated cell sorting (FACS), can be sorted into two or more containers. Flow cytometry data can offer multi-parameter single-cell analysis, through which rapid, objective and simultaneous characters appear. Flow cytometry consists of five main components, namely light source, a Flow chamber, Optical system, Detectors and Computer.

    “Through reading the professional instructions, maybe every user will know more about this technology. This technique works well, and many users who come into contact with the technology have good feedback. In short, the flow cytometry provides us with excellent technical services and good user experience, improves productivity, saves technique cost and provides technical support and reference to solve much more biotechnology problems that is hard to settle, which is of great guiding significance to the future progress of biotechnology”, a senior officer said. This technology is widely used in clinical medicine, and provides technical support and assistance for assisting medical experts in their research of cancer treatment methods. At the same time, the Flow Cytometry technology contributes much to the innovative development in the field of biological science. A biomedical expert said, "I read the guide of this technology and thought it was very enlightening for my research. Whenever I am stuck in a technical problem, it can always provide me with a source of inspiration, which will benefit me a lot for my next technological breakthrough and scientific research".

    About Creative Diagnostics
    Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents. Creative Diagnostics has built a mature production technology service system for Flow Cytometry and have perfect SOPs for its efficient implementation. We develop using fluorescent, visual colloidal gold and paramagnetic labels, and high sensitivity, quantitative and reader-based tests are our specialty. As a global biotechnology company, Creative Diagnostics possesses professional and efficient technical team and brilliant biotechnology experts, which bring us an absolute advantage and position in the industry. With decades of experiences and our unique technologies, Creative Diagnostics takes pride in its commitment to providing its customers in research and industry the highest quality products and services.

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