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    We are a family striving to live out our faith and incorporate it into every area of our
    life. The Bible is true, real and accurate and what it says must be heeded.
    We are interested in spreading the word about the Bible, the truth contained therein
    and truly exercising the dominion mandate by enjoying God's creation from a proper
    perspective. We are also interested in telling the stories of other people who have
    lived spiritually abundant lives both in the past and present.
Creation Adventure Family Press Release -

  • New Audio Drama Released. Three Part Western Story Brought to Life in Living Sound
  • An exciting new audio drama from the writers of Detective Rick Wraith and Jonathan Park. Featuring Buddy Davis, singer and speaker. Story goes back to when the good guys were good and bad guys were bad.
  • Creation Adventure Family of California has announced the upcoming release of a new audio drama program. A thrilling, three-part western titled, Big S ...
  • October 21, 2015
  • Announcing a new Christian Radio Drama: An Action Packed Detective story
  • New Christian Radio Drama tells an exciting story in a classic style from the Golden Age of Radio. Detective Rick Wraith is rapidly becoming popular with listeners.
  • The Creation Adventure Family has launched a new Christian Radio Drama pilot program called Detective Rick Wraith: For the Love of Money. The two, twe ...
  • October 08, 2011