Conscio Technologies Makes Sensiwave For Customized Internal Communications

Top Quote Sensiwave, the software solution developed by Conscio Technologies of France, has evolved into a fully integrated internal communications system. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 28, 2012 - The company's interactive solution - originally, a digital-security platform only - now allows for the personalisation of any internal communications campaign to better tailor it to individual users' needs (and whether the campaign focuses on security or another topic).

    Sensiwave is a customized software solution that was originally released by Conscio Technologies in order to help client entities manage digital-security issues better. The solution is now adapted to accompany any type of change within an organisation and is used to launch internal communications campaigns, such as training schemes, inquiries, or the general development of internal policies.

    Accessible in SaaS mode, Sensiwave has been developed and enhanced during the hundreds of campaigns for which it has been used with BNP Paribas, Michelin and GDF Suez, among other clients of the specialist company.

    With Sensiwave, it is possible to generate content - in the form of quizzes, sketches, videos and games - which is uploaded onto web portals, where an unlimited number of users can access the content. This content can be created using either the media content provided by Sensiwave, or the client entity's own media content, therefore allowing complete personalisation.

    Importantly, IT or HR teams can make use of the wide range of statistics and the automatically generated reports in order to monitor personnel development and improve campaigns, tailoring them to the needs of individuals (or groups) within the organisation.

    Founded in 2007, Conscio Technologies has concentrated its software development on a problem that many businesses faced, i.e. the limitations of generally available software solutions in communications campaigns applied to change-management projects.

    Before Sensiwave, these projects relied essentially on two categories of software: intranet-related and Learning Management System (LMS). When conducting internal communications campaigns, these two categories of software dissatisfy users, however, due to the excessive rigidity of their style of working as well as the weakness of the statistics generated.

    In order to be effective, a communications campaign must be interactive and interesting. It is more a matter of appealing to the imagination and capturing employees' attention, rather than an issue of straightforward training, which often generates poor results: this makes it necessary to proceed through a series of stages, which is precisely what Sensiwave makes possible.

    A typical campaign using Sensiwave will, initially, announce the campaign to the users, encouraging them to take part in a preliminary survey (or quiz), which will allow for the evaluation of the personnel's level of knowledge. Using the data, HR or IT managers can then distribute training packages - in the form of videos, for example - which are tailored to individual profile results. Interactivity, here, is key.

    On the basis of the post-training results from different profiles, a subsequent cycle of communications can then be prepared.

    Interaction continues throughout the campaign, via emails, with the dissemination of modified training content, or through publishing reference documents. Thanks to the detailed statistical data produced by Sensiwave, campaign managers can customize the campaign on an ongoing basis, in line with the way that it is unfolding.

    The traditional e-learning-project approach can allow for the creation of a body of reference material or for the completion of a to-do list, with a view to complying with pre-set standards. However, such an approach will not achieve the internal-communications' objective, which is to address the personnel's awareness, while developing its adherence to the campaign and to its subject. It is, therefore, a matter of using a solution that allows for the attainment of these objectives, and that solution is Sensiwave.

    Sensiwave allows for the complete ownership and management of internal communications campaigns, therefore building a new link between the client company's management and the staff. As a fully integrated system, Sensiwave underpins the management of its users, involving the target population, content, portals, campaigns and statistics.

    At a time when the spending of every company is examined in minute detail, Sensiwave provides those responsible for internal communications with a key software solution that allows for the optimization of external providers' interventions.

    About Conscio Technologies

    Founded in 2007, Conscio Technologies is headquartered in Paris (France) and opened an office in the UK (in London) in October 2011. The company has developed Sensiwave, which is an innovative, interactive and flexible software solution that facilitates the implementation of in-house awareness-raising campaigns within client entities.

    A leader in the field of internal, integrated communications software, Conscio Technologies has been growing steadily, approaching a turnover of 500,000 in 2011. The company has over 50 clients that range from SMEs to large multinational groups, in an array of sectors.

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