Computer program "Clever power station" economizes 10% of the fuel

Top Quote Firm InformSystem (Russia) developed and let out the innovation self-adjusted MES- system "MES-T2 2010" v.6.313.16 for the realization of the without-expenses TECHNOLOGY of fuel economy and for an increase in the energy-effectiveness of thermal power stations with the intellectual automation of calculations TEP (technical-econmic factors) in the real time. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 20, 2011 - "CLEVER POWER STATION" must ensure the electric energy generation and heat-energy strictly in accordance with the graph of delivery and also ensure the expenditures of the fuel not more normative need, after excluding in this case its OVEREXPENDITURE.

    In the present time at all thermal power stations completely is absent operational feedback on THE EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION, which causes loss by 10% of general fuel consumption or loss of finances, equal of THE PROFIT of the generating companies. Management of power station in the part of THE EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION is accomplished by fuel- it is actually blindly, i.e., expended as much, is as expended uncontrolled.

    And this during the market that of relations in electro-energetics!!! This disorderly relation to the talentless losses of fuel, but, therefore, also to the enormous financial losses faster to negative characterizes not the individual generating company, but entire electro-energetics as a whole and Minenergo (Ministry of Energy) RF in particular.

    But here appeared domestic INNOVATION computer program "CLEVER POWER STATION", which easily can in the root correct prevailing by many years this negative situation with the enormous and uncontrollable EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION. And you that do think that all generating companies did immediately rush intensively it to use? But nothing similar. And the first stupid question, which we from them hear: But where she is inculcated? This instead of the fact that to rather rush to save its blood finances. But indeed nevertheless, someone must be the first and compulsorily it will first be. But that all others will at this time sit in the ambush and cooly observe, how their personal money uselessly they do disappear in the pipes of thermal power stations?

    The essence of computer program "CLEVER POWER STATION" is so simple and obvious that to wonder you, as this it arose only now. Idea in the following: Each minute they are calculated in the real time actual and normative TEP and, naturally, EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION. Operational personnel, governing power station for producing the concrete quantity of electric power and heat, it constantly has analytical information on the current EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION and, therefore, it can operationally introduce correctives into control for reduction in this OVEREXPENDITURE.

    But indeed in this connection immediately appear much other positive moments. For example: Realization of the regulation of loss and expenditures for its own needs of electric power and heat in the real time; Fulfillment of control of the work of operational personnel in the part OF THE EXCESSIVE FUEL CONSUMPTION also in the real time; Realization of operational diagnostics of emergencies. Create condition for the less stringent requirements for the qualification of operational personnel by power station because of the presence in program of THE INTELLECTUAL mechanisms of control of the optimum equipment workload and prognostication of the deliveries of fuel.

    Computer program "CLEVER POWER STATION" has a base of knowledge, which in the process of operation is rapidly filled by optimum technological shear, i.e., it is trained. Subsequently these knowledge according to the theory of pattern recognition of the advising system is used in the current control process of power station. In this case this expert system can be used not only for working out the best solutions, but also for setting of the simulating experiments.

    Fundamental technical operating characteristics of computer program "CLEVER POWER STATION" (MES- system "MES-T2 2010") are the following: The guarantee of calculation of 20000 indices in 2 seconds, which guarantees the error of 1000 technological versions after half-hour and the selection of them of optimal solution by minimax strategy. The self-adjusting of MES- system makes it possible to introduce any changes in the algorithms of calculation in 5 seconds without the loss of technological information.

    The adaptation of computer program "CLEVER POWER STATION" consists in the composition of the text projects of tasks and process of the compilation of these projects. In this case the self-adjusting of entire program set occurs. Thus, entire system is turned havoc from the pushing of one knob. This simplest technology, both the primary adaptation and the introduction of further changes, easily can be carried out by very technologists of PTO.

    In general time to the generating companies to end the circulation of the antediluvian solutions for the automation of calculations TEP without explicit economic component. It will shamefully be to Russian electro-energetics, if the initiative on the introduction of this promising and actually without-expenses technology seize alien corporations. But they already manifest interest. Thus, of the USA several states periodically draw off from our site the current information on this technology. They can on the root entire it buy up, and we with the pleasure are sold. Then this technology itself, but already imported [pridetsya] to draw from abroad, but already by an order, and that to two - is more expensive.

    Very soon the absence of this technology at the power station will be considered ignorance and as the wretched backwardness.

    THE TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC SUBSTANTIATION of the technology of an increase in the energy-effectiveness of power stations (fuel economy) on the MES- system by "MES-T2 2010", which makes it possible TO DOUBLE profit [TGK] and [OGK], is placed on the site:

    THE DEMONSTRATION VERSION of innovation MES- system "MES-T2 2010" with the calculations of actual and normative TEP, with the minute and half-hour calculations of excessive fuel consumption and with the operational analysis is placed on the site:

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