China Publishes New Version of Standard GB/T 11951-2018: Natural Fibers – Terminology

Top Quote China’s new version of GB/T 11951-2018: Natural Fibers – Terminology will be implemented on September 1, 2018. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 10, 2018 - China has updated its Standard GB/T 11951-2018: Natural Fibers – Terminology. The new version, issued in February 2018, replaces the 1989 version and will come into effect on September 1, 2018.

    The new standard makes the following changes:
    • Added “fibers secreted by some molluscs” category in “animal fiber”
    o BYSSUS (Byssus) — Fibers extruded from some molluscs Pinna nobilis
    • Added seven new terms
    o MUGA (Muga) — Fiber extruded by the silkworm Anteraea assamensis
    o NETTLE (Ortie) — Fiber from the basts of Urica dioica
    o BAMBOO (Bambou) — Fiber from the basts of bamboo bambusa textilis
    o PALMA IXTLE (Ixtle de Palma) — Fiber from the leaves of Yucca carnerosana
    o PINEAPPLE LEAF (Feuille d’ananas) — Fiber from the leaves of Anannas comosus Merr
    o PITA (Pita) — Fiber from the leaves of Aechmea magdalenae
    o PEAT FIBER (Fiber de tourbe) — Fiber from the leaf sheath of the plant Eriophorum vaginatum
    • Revised three English generic names
    o Changed “mulberry silk” to “SILK (Soie)”
    o Changed “Tussah silk” to “TASAR (Tasar)”
    o Changed “alfa or separto” to “ALFA (Alfa)”
    • Revised two English scientific names of plants
    o Changed “Apocynum venetum” to “Apocynum androsae mifolium, Apocynum cannabinum”
    o Changed “Agave funkiana” to “Agave lechuguilla Torr”
    • Changed Chinese names of some fibers (English name remain unchanged)
    o Changed “羊毛” to “绵羊毛”, regarded “羊毛” as synonyms —— WOOL (Laine)
    o Changed “羊驼绒” to “羊驼毛” —— ALPACA (Alpaga)
    o Changed “原驼绒” to “原驼毛” —— GUANACO (Guanaco)
    o Changed “美洲驼绒” to “美洲驼毛” —— LLAMA (Lama)
    o Changed “骆马绒” to “骆马毛” —— VICUNA (Vigogne)
    • Added notes to terms HORSE (Cheval), HEMP (Chanvre) and JUTE (Jute)
    o Horse-hair fiber coming from the mane or the tail of the horse; horse-coat fiber coming from the coat of the horse
    o HEMP (Chanvre) is also called “Han Hemp or Fire Hemp”.
    o JUTE (Jute) is called as “jute and allied fibers”
    • Deleted the terms “Zhong wei wool”
    • Added an informative annex —— Index table of fiber terminologies, English generic names and English common names

    Stakeholders are advised to check their products conform to the latest Chinese standards in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

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