An Amazing New Kind of Hypnosis Show Created by Professor Jay Tee, the “21st Century Hypnotist”

Top Quote A breakthrough in hypnosis technique by the “21st Century Hypnotist” enables him to create a fantastic, totally new form of hypnosis stage entertainment. End Quote
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    The human mind has immense capacity for learning and quickly being programmed using the techniques of hypnosis. But most hypnosis stage shows simply go for cheap comedy gags. While that’s a fine form of entertainment, it’s not for everyone. And it’s just not that fun to see the same simple skits done over and over by different performers. How about something totally new?

    “The 21st Century Hypnotist”
    Professor Jay Tee is a Master Hypnotist who has been studying the human mind and how it truly functions for over 20 years. By using recent discoveries and revelations by neuroscientists studying the brain, and incorporating this knowledge into his own techniques, Jay Tee found a way to create more inclusive, more interesting hypnosis entertainment than has ever before been attempted.

    Amazing New Hypnosis
    Themed Hypnosis™ shows are the newest and most exciting form of hypnosis shows yet devised. The hypnotized volunteers are rapidly entrained to become expert actors, and then perform a live ad-lib, script-less play. The shows are designed as dramas, but due to the quirks and the uncertainties within each subject’s mind, there is still plenty of comedy! Over a dozen predesigned themes are already available, and custom themes can quickly be created for any specific group.

    Instant Hypnosis
    While using his new procedures, instant hypnotic inductions become the centerpiece of all hypnosis shows and seminars performed by Professor Jay Tee, the “21st Century Hypnotist.” Performing his difficult-yet-vital induction techniques, it may take only 5 minutes to bring an entire group of stage volunteers into hypnosis.

    New Programs
    Themed Hypnosis™ performances by Professor Jay Tee offer over a dozen standard variations, and we offer even more types of group hypnotic seminars, and hypnotic corporate training.
    In 2017 Professor Jay Tee released an amazing seminar just for women, the Power of Feminine Sensuality. They are also working on a variety of new base themes for use in Themed Hypnosis™ comedy/drama shows, to take better advantage of our multinational/multicultural expansion.

    New Representative
    Hypnosis shows and seminars have been the backbone of our company since 2006, but we have largely been providing them within the country of Japan.

    Professor Jay Tee is extremely happy to announce that we are now being represented by Mike Moloney Entertainment, LLC, one of the finest stage entertainment and cruise entertainment agencies within the United States.

    New Opportunities
    With the new business relationship, Mike Moloney is handling contracts for cruise shows throughout the Asia and Australia markets, and all Professor Jay Tee’s other overseas performances, appearances and seminars. Professor Jay Tee has already given shows for English-, Spanish-, Japanese- and Chinese-speaking audiences, and we look forward to expanding that list considerably.

    New Clients
    You’re ready for a fantastic Themed Hypnosis drama show for your event, aren’t you? Professor Jay Tee is eager to work with worldwide cruise lines, corporate groups, other groups, and other performance venues interested in showing how amazing hypnosis has become in the 21st Century.
    Contact our agent Mike Moloney at mmec ( @ ) mmec dot com to schedule worldwide cruise shows, stage hypnosis shows and hypnotic training/seminars/speeches —your guests will love it!

    About Professor Jay Tee
    Renowned for his daring — some say dangerous — experiments on the human mind, Professor Jay Tee actually enjoys performing them in front of live audiences!

    Are your guests ready to become the next group of lab rats? It’s an unforgettable experience.

    Professor Jay Tee is a Master Hypnotist with over 20 years of expertise in entertaining and improving the human mind, based in Kobe, Japan since 2006. Visit us at

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