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  • Jay Tee
  • Chuou-ku Kumoi-doori 4-1-27-308
  • Phone: 09091185057
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  • Professor Jay Tee, known as the "Professor of 21st Century Hypnosis," is the leading comedy stage hypnotist in Japan and the Asia area. He provides expert hypnosis therapy online worldwide, including his unique and effective Smoke-Free anti-tobacco program. He is currently researching and writing two books on hypnosis, one for beginners and one technical.
    Professor Jay Tee is also the Event Organizer and Asia-Oceania Host of the World Hypnotism Day 24um, a 24-hour Video forum with 48 of the World's Best Hypnotists!
Professor Jay Tee Press Release -

  • Free Your Mind! Mind meld with 48 hypnotists at the WHD24um on Jan 3rd, 2016
  • The First Annual World Hypnotism Day 24um is a Round-the-Clock, Round-the-World Journey into the Deepest Mysteries of the Human Mind, with 48 of the World's Best Hypnotists participating!
  • Join in the First Annual World Hypnotism Day 24um (WHD24um), on January 3rd, 2016. It's a 24-hour LIVE video forum given in honor of and in support of ...
  • December 06, 2015