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  • The Devil’s Lettuce Movie
  • When potheads break their bowl in a graveyard on Friday the 13th they decide to smoke out of a human skull they find. They begin to discover they can no longer control themselves and begin to kill. What was in that skull they smoked out of? Can they stop before they get caught?
  • By Happyhorrors Productions - February 15, 2021
  • Campaign For Vr Horror "We Are Omega" Launched
  • A man named JJ drops $5000 to take his old friend Molly on a VR date. Think CABIN IN THE WOODS meets an episode of BLACK MIRROR. Unlike the VR you are used to, Omega Reality offers an experience which requires no headset. Once they enter the virtual world, they traverse to crazy new places through portals and they encounter nightmarish creatures, a sadistic clown named Gropey.... and Bootle
  • By We Are Omega - November 03, 2020