December 25, 2012 Latest News

  • InFlame INC reaffirms his Safety Commitment & Certifications
  • InFlame INC, a leading fireplace & fuels firm active in North American markets, has reaffirmed its commitment to safety that it has always guaranteed its customers. The company is a celebrated brand for ethanol fuels and fireplaces designed to keep users safe from fire related hazards.The company recently communicated with its customer base to convey that they still have the same determination ..
  • By Inflame Inc
  • Brand Wisdom Hosts The "2012 Best Online Reputation Awards" For Hospitality
  • Brand Wisdom has unveiled the finalists for the Best Online Reputation Awards for hospitality at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Saipan Island on December 18th 2012. More than 400 elite hoteliers were invited to attend the ceremony including VP from hotel brand and owner from individual property. It was a total success and all partners enjoyed the exciting event and a great ocean view of beautiful Saipan.
  • By Brandwisdom
  • AIESEC-Global Entrepreneurs Program
  • AIESEC via the global platform offers students and recent graduates the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign environment in areas of management, technology, education and development.
  • By Aiesec Baroda