December 24, 2018 Latest News

  • 2nd International Conference on Central Nervous System & Therapeutics
  • 2nd International Conference on Central Nervous System and Therapeutics scheduled at Edinburgh, Scotland in the month of June from 10-11, 2019. The grand event will be a host to keynote speakers, professors, Doctors, Researchers, students and delegates from the entire world. The conference regular sessions will be followed by the exhibition and workshops.
  • By Allied Academies
  • Tonight Show Guest Michael Wigge on Motivational Tour across the US
  • German celebrity and PBS adventurer Michael Wigge can be met at his early 2019 events around the country for motivational support. Wigge has become famous to the audience when traveling the world without any money. He presented his motivational work on The Tonight Show, on The Today Show, and his entire no-money-travel show on PBS nationwide.
  • By Cmw