Tonight Show Guest Michael Wigge on Motivational Tour across the US

Top Quote German celebrity and PBS adventurer Michael Wigge can be met at his early 2019 events around the country for motivational support. Wigge has become famous to the audience when traveling the world without any money. He presented his motivational work on The Tonight Show, on The Today Show, and his entire no-money-travel show on PBS nationwide. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 24, 2018 - TV adventurer and four-time book author Michael Wigge has faced incredible travel challenges.

    He traveled the world for free and showed his audience the incredible: How can a single person travel 35,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica without a single penny of money in his pocket? The Los Angeles Times entitled Wigge ‘the ultimate budget traveler’, and Katy Perry called him on The Tonight Show ‘a cheap date’ when Wigge had the chance to promote his book while Katy Perry presented her biography. (check out Youtube ‘Wigge Tonight Show’ for the video)

    Wigge also gained popularity in the United States when publishing ‘How to Barter for Paradise’. This self-experiment was even more challenging for Wigge than ‘How to Travel the World for Free’ was. Wigge had to barter a bitten apple for bigger and better things around the world to finally achieve the incredible: a house in Hawaii! Wigge made it after 14 countries, all continents, seven months of travel and 42 barter deals and calls himself a happy house owner on Big Island, Hawaii – all by bartering for bigger and better and by using money!

    Years earlier when Wigge was still working as a host on MTV Germany, he met Angelina Jolie on the red carpet who called him ‘a strange but fantastic man’. This motivated the reporter and adventurer so much, that he decided to forward his experiences after a total of seven adventure challenges (Wigge also traveled Europe blindfolded wearing a sleeping mask) with motivational keynotes for corporations, colleges, and associations all over the United States.

    These and other adventure challenges are the backbone of his keynotes on successful leadership, motivational support, change management success, and the science of successful sales.

    You can find Wigge touring across the United States, and supporting entire sales teams, college lectures, and corporate meetings with his messages to embrace the necessary change they require.

    In early 2019, Michael Wigge continues his speaking tour across the United States with keynotes and screenings open to the public. Feel free to check out one of his events to meet Michael Wigge personally:

    Jan 9th, 2019 – Loveland Breakfast Optimists Club, Loveland CO – 7pm
    Jan 16th, 2019 – DL Parsons Theatre Northglenn CO – 10:00am
    Feb 9th, 2019 – Rotary Club of Lititz PA - 2:00 & 7:00pm
    Feb 11th, 2019 – Sturgis Arts Council, Sturgis MI – 7:00pm
    Feb 12th, 2019 – Tecumseh Center for the Arts, Tecumseh, MI – 7:00pm
    Feb 14th, 2019 – Baptist Church, Fairfield, IL – 7:15pm
    Feb 16th- 20th – NACA Greater Columbus Convention Center Columbus, OH

    Why would it be worth visiting one of Michael Wigge events?
    Many visitors from the public feel the need to find a source of self-motivation. A huge number of people leave Wigge’s events highly satisfied and describe the experience as a source for new energy, direction on optimism. Wigge presents through his travel challenges and his personal challenges he faced in his life any crisis as a source for improvement on private and his business life. Analyzing personal wrong doings is one of Wigge’s tools for personal and professional self-development.

    Another important toll on self-motivation is goal setting, as Michael Wigge likes to describe it to his friends, fans, and followers. A right strategy of goal setting can prevent a lack of motivation and can even prevent tough personal periods of stress and depression. Wigge usually sets up with his client’s one, three, and five year plans for their personal and professional lives. This usually helps to focus and to have a red line everyone can easily move along. More than two thirds of his clients have experiences Wigge’s goal-setting-strategies as life changing in terms of self-motivation and happiness. Michael: ‘Clear goals in life can usually prevent any kind of depression stronger than the medication we tend to get prescribed!’.

    But Wigge also talks in his lectures and screenings about stress-management, regular workout, and a strong social network to improve self-motivation and success in life.

    His stress-management program is proven by himself when he traveled the world for free, and when he bartered a bitten apple to a house in Hawaii. Wigge: ‘The adventure challenges were so intense that I had to imply a well-functioning stress-management strategy to succeed in the long run.’ Wigge presents his seven-pillar-resilience program to gain strength in stressful situations, but he also forwards cognitive and structural elements to manage stress for self-motivation and success.

    One of Wigge’s main tools to keep strength as a high performer is his endurance sports and relaxation program entitled “Challenge-4-Change’. Part of this program is regular exercise combined with meditation practices. Wigge: ’I’ve introduced this program to my personal life almost ten years ago and it has changed me completely’. Wigge shows how this program levels stress, improves motivation, and enables everyone to become a high performer.

    Wigge is happy to meet you personally at one of his upcoming events!

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