November 03, 2023 Latest News

  • "Memoirs of a Zen Manager": A Fusion of Management and Well-being
  • I am proud to introduce "Memoirs of a Zen Manager," an innovative book that explores the fusion of effective management and well-being. Authored by Francis Audet, a seasoned manager and certified professional coach, this book offers a holistic approach for managers seeking efficiency, self-awareness, and lasting success.
  • By Francis Audet
  • SOCIALIZATION.IO's New Platform Revolutionizes Social Media Content Creation with AI
  • SOCIALIZATION.IO is an AI-driven platform that offers businesses an AI assistant to create customized social media content suggestions, including captions and imagery, delivered weekly. It saves businesses time and helps them maintain a strong online presence. The service integrates seamlessly with platforms like Facebook Pages and Instagram. Learn more at
  • By Socialization