October 10, 2017 Latest News

  • Novokane is about to sauce up your playlist with his latest single 'FXXX'
  • Having previously received national radio airplay and written and produced music for some of the biggest acts in the UK, such as BBK and Melissa Steel, Novokane knows exactly how to make tunes which make people feel a certain type of way in the clubs. His latest tune is no exception. As soon as DJs drop ‘FXXX,’ the entire club will break-out into the duttiest of wines.
  • By Producer Pack
  • Hodusoft Announced Contact Center Software
  • The call center holds a key to success for any business while acting as a mediator between a company and the customers. Technological advancements can help companies to get the most from the call center through customized call center software.
  • By Hodusoft Pvt Ltd