October 01, 2021 Latest News

  • OfficialNakia is a well-known content creator, influencer, and artist in Alabama
  • OfficialNakia is a star on famous locales like Instagram and Tiktok. Nakia is brimming with imagination. With his short inventive recordings conveying a profound importance and directives for the watchers OfficialNakia Born and raised in Central Alabama. This youthful web-based media powerhouse has been administering the web through his imaginative short recordings.
  • By Officialnakia
  • MPAI celebrates its first anniversary approving 3 standards for publication
  • Established exactly one year ago as an international, unaffiliated, not for profit association, MPAI is proud to announce that the first two AI-powered standards approved today serve two of the many industries targeted by MPAI: financial risk assessment and human-to-machine communic­ation. The 3rd standard addresses the governance of the ecosystem generated by MPAI standards.
  • By Mpai