September 23, 2021 Latest News

  • Let’s Talk Pussy: Lives Depend on It
  • Alethea Taylor’s newly released book helps empower women by educating, informing and equipping them with the knowledge they need to navigate the world and the threats they confront because of who they are and what they possess.
  • By Alethea Taylor
  • Divami Design Labs Announces New Webinar
  • The leading design and development agency is planning to host a webinar on "How Design, Engineering, and Product Go Together.” Hyderabad, Sep 23, 2021: Today Divami announced a webinar on addressing the most underlying challenges that product companies face while trying to set up a collaborative process between the design, development, and engineering teams.
  • By Divami Design Labs
  • Survey shows NI’s love affair with dairy continues
  • The Dairy Council of Northern Ireland has launched the results of a survey commissioned as part of their EU Sustainable Dairy Campaign looking at sustainable diets. Results show that a majority Northern Ireland consumers believe that Dairy is an irreplaceable component of their diet.
  • By Dairy Council Ni
  • India Clinches the Coveted Title of Ms International World
  • The Ms International World is a highly competitive platform, inviting delegates from all around the globe. Competing against talented women from different countries, while an enriching experience, wasn’t a mean feat, but Dr Akshata won the hearts of the judges and audiences alike.
  • By Brews Digital