September 22, 2021 Latest News

  • Causelink Team from Sologic delivers Enterprise flexibility for smaller organizations
  • Causelink from Sologic has provided Root Cause Analysis software for more than a decade. 2021’s Causelink TEAM provides another deployment option for smaller, dynamic problem-solving teams at a lower price. Quick to deploy, easy to use and scalable to need, Causelink grows with your requirements, ensuring you can solve problems, reduce risk and improve performance.
  • By Sologic
  • Teleglobal Is AWS’ New Competency Partner for Mongo DB
  • e Pune based cloud services provider is now an Amazon DynamoDB Delivery Partner. With the new certification, Teleglobal is well positioned to deploy and operate DynamoDB—a key-value document database that is being leveraged across mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT…in short, any application that demands data access at low-latency and at scale.
  • By Teleglobal International