September 06, 2014 Latest News

  • EM58 PA Fully Programmable Absolute Encoder
  • The EM58 PA is suitable for installation in a variety of industrial applications including in construction vehicles, construction equipment, building material machines, cranes, portal cranes and hoists, as well as integration into cable pulling mechanisms, such as Lika's recently unveiled SF- series draw-wire unit.
  • By Control Devices
  • Innovation Express Shakes And Stirs Coimbatore's Future Bio-Entrepreneurs
  • The Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) successfully conducted the phase-2 of Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) supported series of "Stimulating Bio-Entrepreneurs" talks at the TNAU, Coimbatore to inspire future entrepreneurs. The evening lecture sessions on September 2 and 3 were attended by 350 students and 30 faculty members.
  • By The Practice
  • Marriage Author Discovers How Men Can Tame Their Wives
  • Every now and again a certain luminous star falls athwart our path, and for the rest of our lives we pride ourselves upon such a delicious experience. Here comes such a sweet encounter in F. X. Burton's auspicious debut, Taming The Lioness: Ruling Your Wife By Love.
  • By Lifebury Books