July 22, 2014 Latest News

  • Chandlee & Sons Moving to New Offices
  • Partners Seth Chandlee and Jim Chandlee, along with the entire Chandlee and Sons Construction Company, are in the process of moving into new offices in Alpharetta, Georgia. Seth looked at several industrial parks when he could spare the time. He and Jim finally decided on a location in early July 2014.
  • By Chandleeandsonsconstruction
  • Major Update To the Never Have I Ever Drinking Game App
  • For 4 years in a row, Never Have I Ever has been App Store Download's Best Selling App. We first announced a major update to Never Have I Ever back in February of 2013, but due to our previous commitments to Android and Windows App Development Projects, we had to push this update all the way to Q2 of 2014.
  • By App Store Download
  • Heroes of Newerth Team Announces HoN Tour Season 3, eSports Plinko
  • On the 26th of July Heroes of Newerth will start its biggest eSports event, Hontour: Season 3. The event, boasting a $70,000+ prize pool, will last for 7 months. In addition to HoN tour, there is also a peculiar community initiative being started. It's named eSports Plinko and it will allow players to receive exclusive in-game content while increasing the prizes for the competition.
  • By S2 Games