July 05, 2010 Latest News

  • Association Internationale De Solidarite "Solidary Foundation", Paul Chehade
  • Solidary Foundation is a charitable, worldwide organization cradled in the city of Miami, Florida that has, as a primary target, safeguarding the rights of people, contributing to give social, educative and sanitary attendance, providing nutritional aid to children, old and the needy; creating, generating and promoting the general wellbeing, with the purpose of helping all fellow citizens.
  • By Solidary Foundation  
  • Geogad Travel Website Launches Super Traveler Contest
  • Geogad has announced a contest to find a Super Traveler, a traveler who uploads a top-rated tour stop to the Geogad site that is selected by other travelers and by Geogad. A tour stop is collection of audio or video clips associated with a specific location. These tour stops are viewable through Geogad on the Internet, on the mobile web, and on Google Android-powered smartphones.
  • By Geogad, Inc.
  • Fashion Couture Designers Plant Fashion Flag In Detroit, MI
  • As the home of Motown and the Big 3 Automakers Detroit is making another imprint on a national scale in the world of fashion. With the advent of Detroit Fashion Week, Joe Faris of Project Runway fame 'Fashion in Detroit' annual fashion show, Styleline a Michigan based fashion magazine.
  • By The Connection