June 27, 2011 Latest News

  • We The Creative Builds an Annual Report for OC Waste & Recycling
  • We The Creative designed the Orange County Waste and Recycling Annual Report which is now available to the public on Orange County California's website. The goals with the annual report were to create a document that could clearly communicate the core values of OC Waste and Recycling without falling into that stereotypical corporate feel that is sometimes off-putting.
  • By Jovenville
  • Turan Sahinkaya Joins Board of Directors of ReputationDesigner.com
  • TURAN SAHINKAYA has joined the board of directors of ReputationDesigner.com, bringing more than twenty years of experience in the technology industry. Turan Sahinkaya has experience in business technology, telecom, internet and marketing and comes with the opinion that people have the right to control and protect their reputation and privacy.
  • By Turan Sahinkaya
  • U-SPY Store launches state of the art Tracking and Logging devices
  • The Trim Trac Real Time GPS is the world's first affordable, fully integrated vehicle tracking, security and recovery device for applications requiring periodic autonomous position, GPS live tracking on-demand polling for reporting the most current position, and cost effective wireless communications.
  • By Uspystore
  • Phoenix Now Offers Claims Management to Companion Clients
  • Phoenix Risk Management has reached and agreement with Companion to provide exclusvie claims management, which will be administered by Intercare Insurance Services, to business written through Phoenix Risk Management and Lenimentus marketing group. This agreement includes access to the Injured Worker Advocacy Program, which has been proven to reduce litigation by as much as 95 percent.
  • By Phoenix Risk Management