June 09, 2016 Latest News

  • Fyola Facial Brush Machine by Vita Activate Goes Live on TV
  • Facial massage treatment is often offered at over hundreds of dollars per session at the beauty salon. Recently different facial massager machines have entered into the retail stores. What really stands out is the Fyola facial brush, which has gained attention from the TV show Balancing Act.
  • By Vita Activate 
  • Greatly Improved Data Import in Skyvia 4.1
  • Devart has released the new version of Skyvia, an online service for cloud data integration, backup, and management. The update delivers a lot of new features for Import - a member of Data Integration toolkit for cloud and relational data. The new Import features include UPSERT support for all data sources, greatly improved Lookup functionality, data filtering support, importing data etc.
  • By Devart
  • America Through Artists Eyes
  • NOMA gallery features: Linda Harrison-Parsons and Kathy Bush, July exhibit "America, Through Artists Eyes" paintings and illustrations of celebrating our Nations National Parks.
  • By Noma Gallery