June 06, 2024 Latest News

  • Introducing GMZ's Revolutionary PLA Coated Paper Cups
  • GMZ's PLA coated paper cups are an eco-friendly solution. Made from renewable resources, they're compostable, soak-proof, and heat-resistant. They can also be custom printed for branding. This product reaffirms GMZ's commitment to sustainability.
  • By Gmz
  • JRP Virtual Alumni Noah Centineo Returns for The Recruit Season 2 on Netflix
  • JRP Virtual celebrates Noah Centineo's return as Owen Hendricks in The Recruit Season 2 on Netflix. Filming is underway in Vancouver and Seoul. Created by Alexi Hawley, the new season picks up from a dramatic cliffhanger, with Owen facing espionage threats. Centineo, also an executive producer, is joined by new cast members including Teo Yoo and returning favorites. Catch up on Season 1 to prepar
  • By Jrp Virtual