June 07, 2024 Latest News

  • Revolutionize Your Growing Environment with the LED UVA Toplighting G36-01
  • In a groundbreaking advancement for the agricultural industry, the new LED UVA Toplighting G36-01 is set to transform the way growers cultivate plants. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern agriculture, the G36-01 combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched efficiency and durability, offering a comprehensive solution for greenhouse lighting needs.
  • By Led Grow Lights
  • Codiant is Now a Certified Google Partner
  • Codiant's just levelled up as an official Google Partner! This elite badge is the seal of awesomeness when it comes to unleashing Google's awesome marketing power. After acing tough tests on performance budgets and certifications Codiant's proven they're pros at crafting data-driven campaigns that blow results out the water.
  • By Codiant Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd