May 16, 2011 Latest News

  • launches unique PAYG cashback service
  • Getpoundsback launch a new cashback service that allows customers to cash in their unused PAYG Mbile Phone credits. Many people that use Smartphones on PAYG have to top up each month to receive their free web/text package. If the user makes few phones calls then this means their credit builds up over time. Getpoundsback's service offers a method of redeeming thier unused credit.
  • By Squirrel Media Ltd
  • Solaris Simplifies Upper Extremity Lymphedema Management
  • Solaris is proud to announce a new addition to the popular Caresia product line, the Wrist to Axilla garment, to provide therapists and clients with a full range of upper extremity options. Caresia bandage liners were designed to help lymphedema therapists simplify their clients' therapy and help increase therapeutic results.
  • By Solaris
  • GenScript Launches eStainTM 2.0 Protein Staining System
  • GenScript has launched eStainTM 2.0 Protein Staining System to replace the original eStainTM System. The eStainTM 2.0 System provides fast and convenient protein gel staining in 7 minutes or less and has improved previous version with a totally re-designed, stylish and durable protein staining device (L02016) of extended lifetime.
  • By Genscript