May 13, 2023 Latest News

  • Megan Eswoldsen | Joel Freeman: Building Strength and Endurance
  • Joel’s passion for helping people reach their fitness potential began during his time at Texas Tech University where he began working at a local gym. While he worked various positions within the gym, Joel always found himself motivated by one thing: making a personal impact on people’s lives and seeing that it doesn’t always have to be difficult to make necessary changes.
  • By Joel Freeman
  • Arya Bantai: Rising Star in Indian Hip-Hop Scene
  • Arya Bantai is an Indian rapper and lyricist known for his unique style and hard-hitting lyrics. He has gained a massive following in the Indian hip-hop scene and has collaborated with several other artists. His music reflects the struggles and challenges of growing up in the streets of Mumbai, and he is considered to be one of the most promising young talents in the industry.
  • By Whofoundzero
  • Angela “Missy” Billups Entertains 30,000+ During NYC Bike Tour
  • Gospel singer Angela "Missy" Billups and her group, the Voices of New York, performed for over 30,000 cyclists participating in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City. The event is a charitable bike tour that clears the streets of cars for three hours, allowing cyclists to safely ride along the historic streets and avenues of New York.
  • By Fiverr