March 31, 2009 Latest News

  • De-worming Campaign Reaches 120,000 In Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • 2 billion people - one third of the world's population - carry hookworms, roundworms, whipworms or schistosomiasis. Worms eat up to 20% of a child's nutritional intake every day. The widely used drugs for intestinal worms are Albendazole and Mebendazole. International Action has brought 500,000 Albendazole pills to Haiti.
  • By International Action  
  • 6th Sense Creations Releases Brock Mackenzie's Debut CD
  • 6th Sense Creations has released "Brush Fire", the debut CD of Brock MacKenzie. Hip-hop grooves, Latin themes, and blazing guitar over hard rock make for a satisfying and diverse listening experience. This release is available worldwide at iTunes, CD Baby,, and other independent music outlets.
  • By 6th Sense Creations