March 14, 2018 Latest News

  • The 4th International LNG Congress
  • BGS Group is organizing a series of closed-door events in energy segment. The 4th International LNG Congress is dedicated to the LNG market outlook, new projects overview and a number of case-studies will be presented.
  • By Bgs Group
  • Gauranga Institute organized a six-days Seminar on "Truly Education"
  • In the present scenario, where violent incidents are happening not only in the society but also in the school premises, many parents are considering not to send their children to school and are eager to find other options for education. It is notable that due to this scenario in the USA and other western countries, many parents do not send their children to school and adopt other options.
  • By Gauranga Institute
  • New Book Release The Tannell's Family Secret
  • The Tannell's Family Secret by Lashonda Beauregard, is a fiction story set in Louisiana about a wealthy Southern family who appear to be perfect from the outside, but hidden family secrets threaten to tear down their image and empire. The Tannell's Family secret is available on Amazon.
  • By Lashonda Beauregard