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  • Hollywood is often seen as the influencing niche of pop-culture. However, Hollywood insiders often get frustrated with the stagnant nature of the business. The same decade-old practices are being utilized in an eternally changing world. Where is the innovation?

    The same methods used 50 years ago in attempt to gain media exposure have seen minimal evolution. Yet the world outside of Hollywood is always changing, negating almost any possible success for these approaches.

    This is where KAM is different from other PR firms. The founders of KAM are ground- breakers in the Public Relations industry, breaking stereotypes and boundaries. KAM evolves with the times and remains on the cutting edge of what is culturally fresh and chic.

    KAM is motivated by the desire to be different. They are surrounded with fresh ideas and a positive atmosphere. Recognizing the inadequacies in the corporate public relations world, KAM refuses to be pigeon-holed. No longer will clients become numbers located in a digital directory, nor will the typical %u201Cone-size fits all%u201D approach be applied.

    KAM breaks these molds by instilling a new approach to Public Relations. Person- able, unique designs are created for each and every client. Modern modes of thinking are utilized in order to assemble designs that are catered to the client%u2019s specific needs in order to deliver success.
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