February 21, 2011 Latest News

  • City Breaks Exhibition at Red Rag Gallery, Bath, UK
  • The first flush of spring, life begins afresh, the dull, cold winter passes and the desire to travel and see new places is reinvigorated. City Breaks, a new exhibition full of colour and light at the Red Rag Modern Art Gallery, is an inspiration to experience new places or to evoke memories of journeys past.
  • By Red Rag Gallery
  • IIMSAM Middle East Office Observed World Day of Social Justice
  • IIMSAM Middle East Director & Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Naseer Homoud message on World Day of Social Justice. He reminded that social justice is inherent in all eights Millennium Development Goals and without attaining social justice in its true spirit, the real essence of MDGs would not be accomplished.
  • By Iimsam
  • CandyDate Jobs quarterly profit rises 7%
  • CandyDate Jobs on Monday announced a net profit of US$ 4.09 million a 7% rise from the previous quarter, revenue stood at US $24.88million. CandyDate Jobs expects a slowdown in India as the conditions in the west will continue to improve.
  • By Candydate Jobs
  • MapsofIndia Launches White Pages
  • MapsofIndia, a industry leader in thematic mapping solutions has launched White Pages, an online B2B platform that empowers customers and suppliers to do business with each other.
  • By Maps Of India