February 14, 2013 Latest News

  • Redwing, Future Concerns Open Safety Equipment Depot
  • According to the Managing Director, Future Concerns, Engineer Tony Ogbuike, Redwing decided to partner with Future Concerns in order to raise the bar in safety materials innovation in a bid to offer clients first class safety equipment. He stressed that their motivation to invest in the country was not profit driven but the zeal to offer quality service in the Oil and Gas sector in Africa.
  • By Mediacraft Associates Limited
  • 2013 "Champions of Diversity" Announced
  • The "Champions of Diversity Award" represent individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to solutions in diversity issues on a regional and national level. The honorees have made a significant impact on diversity issues in employment, procurement, housing and education. These "soft" sell champions have not waved a diversity flag but have quietly made a difference in the lives of people.
  • By Diversitybusiness.com
  • Sacramento Movers Kick-Off A Brand new Employee Of The Month Program
  • Sacramento Movers recently kicked-off a new Employee of the Month program in January. This program evaluates the movers as well as truck drivers on factors and this includes the report assigned to them by the customers they serve, attendance report, their ability to finish transfers with very little damages being done to customers' items, together with other factors.
  • By Two Men And A Truck
  • Campus Technology Introduces New Magazine App
  • 1105 Media Education Group launches the new Campus Technology magazine app with their February 2013 issue, giving all subscribers a new interactive magazine-reading experience. The app delivers all the latest in higher education technology news, multimedia features, and interactive content of the digital magazine and is designed and formatted specifically for the Apple iPad®.
  • By 1105 Media, Inc.
  • RAKBANK Conquers Al Rolla Area in Sharjah
  • RAKBANK, the leading retail and small business bank in the UAE, recently launched its sixth branch in Sharjah and the East Coast region. Strategically located in the heart of the vibrant Al Rolla area in Sharjah, the large branch aims to serve neighboring residents and the many small businesses located in the vicinity.
  • By Rakbank