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  • Carolyn Durkee
  • 8167 Belvedere Ave, Ste D, Sacramento, CA
  • Phone: 9168527411
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  • TWO MEN AND A TRUCKŪ offers a wide variety of award winning services including packing, loading, unloading or even just room-to-room relocation. Our company looks out for everyone; our services are available to you whether you live in a home, apartment, trailer or a condominium. We also provide a large range of moving options to best fit your needs, including load only and unload only, interstate and intrastate moves as well as in home services.
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  • Sacramento Movers Introduce Homepage Improvement Including Video Hints
  • Sacramento Movers introduced quite a few upgrades to their well known web page: The site has information about home and business moving.
  • The site has information about home and business moving which includes packing advice, pre-move checklists and general facts concerning the moving com ...
  • February 27, 2013
  • Sacramento Movers Kick-Off A Brand new Employee Of The Month Program
  • Sacramento Movers recently kicked-off a new Employee of the Month program in January. This program evaluates the movers as well as truck drivers on factors and this includes the report assigned to them by the customers they serve, attendance report, their ability to finish transfers with very little damages being done to customers' items, together with other factors.
  • The earliest team person to receive the Employee of the Month award was Phillip Waters. Phil was hired on a short while ago in The fall. The work ethi ...
  • February 14, 2013
  • Sacramento Movers Draw People At Commercial Developer Showcase
  • The past ACRE/NAIOP Developer Showcase at the Hyatt Regency of Sacramento hightlighted displays by quite a few vendors such as property managers, title companies and banks.
  • Among them were Sacramento Movers, which drew individuals to its booth with an exciting putting game. Individuals considering taking part in the game ...
  • November 22, 2012