January 25, 2013 Latest News

  • PECB signs a partnership agreement with CSR-Supply Chain
  • PECB is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Singapore-based CSR-Supply Chain-Asia to lead and conduct PECB courses through their professional consultants. This will help bring PECB in a position to attract more customers and to increase its market share in this Asian city of Singapore as a Hub for the region of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).
  • By Pecb
  • Mikogo Launches First-Ever HTML5 Cloud Desktop - Your Computer in the Cloud
  • Mikogo's new browser-based solution and world first Cloud Desktop enables users to access their very own computer in the Cloud from any location. Instead of accessing only files, a Cloud Desktop is an entire computer system including operating system and applications in the Cloud, accessible via any browser and without any plug-in or software installation.
  • By Mikogo
  • The Real PBX Discloses the Business PBX Survey Results
  • As requested by some of the business clients in the last Press Conference, the Company held a meeting at the Company Headquarters. This meeting was held to declare the percentage of telecom usage throughout the world and most importantly, VOIP usage, The growth stats show results synonymous with the company business expansion rate and thus, VOIP is likely to progress at quite a fast pace.
  • By The Real Pbx
  • Online Brain Training Gurus Partner in Canada
  • Brain training pioneers, Dynamic Brain and Posit Science have teamed up together in Canada to make fun and interactive brain training programs from BrainHQ available to Canadians of all ages. The online exercises are the result of extensive scientific research that has tailored the innovative software to provide substantial benefits to brain health and performance.
  • By Dynamic Brain Inc.