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  • Joachim Rass
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  • About Z. H. TANK
    Z. H. TANK, a sister-brand of Z. H. STUDIO, is a knowledge dissemination platform with a library of customized webinars for Chinese elite business executives and professionals. Through webinars, homegrown and global industry leaders share with the audience the latest trends, best practices, hot topics, and technologies that impact the world of business. The bilingual library of webinars also aims to enable the seamless integration between global perspective, know-how and local business insights and wisdom.
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  • Latest Trends of Coaching amidst New Talent Challenges in China
  • Key findings in demographics, skills and expectations, as were reflected by the latest Coaching Study in China, frame an emerging China talent challenge where fundamental HR shifts will demand new attraction, retention and development approaches.
  • September 24, 2012