WorldsFishermen Announces Fly Fish Micro-blogging

Top Quote Micro-blogging is the ability to post short stories, comments, questions, onto a network to communicate with others. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 04, 2011 - UNITED STATES - Worldsfishermen announces fly fish micro-blogging for fishermen. This mirco-blogging is a great way to capture what other fishermen are experiencing with their fly fish techniques and fishing trips.

    Fly fish is a warmer month type of fishing, which means there is less time available in the year for this type of fishing. Fishing less may impact some fishermen as they forget certain techniques of fly fishing. The micro-blogging available by WorldsFishermen alleviates the concern of forgetting certain fly fish techniques.

    Micro-blogging is the ability to post short stories, comments, questions, onto a network to communicate with others. As fly fish is the topic in question, fishermen will discuss with one another all the aspects of fly fishing. Fishermen may discuss best locations to fly fish or superior fly fishing bait and poles. The possibilities of the information available for sharing are endless.

    This is called micro-blogging instead of traditional blogging as there is a cap on the length of the post. For various reasons, WorldsFishermen has a limit on the amount of characters one may use in a blog. These characters are the number of letters, spaces, and punctuation used to communicate. Since the length of the blog is intended to be shorter than others, it is called micro-blogging.

    Another useful thing about the fly fish blog available is that one gets to meet other fishermen. Fishermen love to tell their experiences about where one caught a fish and its size. This information is helpful to other fishermen. Contrary to what some individuals think, fishing is not just a hobby, but a sport. It is for this reason, that many fishermen share their fishing stories. These fishermen will tell what water source one was in, the type of bait, rod, and reel used, and the result of the fishing expedition.

    A lot of information can be gleaned from these blogs. Another fisherman having difficulty with catching a fish using the fly technique may learn something from these blogs. The blogs give this fisherman the idea of changing fishing tools or perhaps even location. Another benefit of blogs is that they may be successful in joining fishermen around the same location. This provides another fishing partner for this popular sport.

    WorldsFishermen announces a micro-blog for those who fly fish. This technique of fishing only happens during the warmer months of the year as much of the other water is frozen over. Micro-blogging allows fishermen to share interesting experiences with one another.


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