Why Your Air Conditioning Is Suddenly Not Cooling Your House and What To Do About It

Top Quote We’re discussing the most common reasons - plus what you can do about it. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 12, 2021 - When an air conditioning unit cannot cool your house, it becomes just another appliance that contributes unnecessarily high expenses to your monthly utility bills. But have you ever wondered why air conditioners in Berkshire could become dysfunctional out of the blue?

    In this article, we’re discussing the most common reasons — plus what you can do about it.

    Low refrigerant level. This air conditioning Berkshire problem is one of the most common reasons why ACs find it hard to cool your house. The refrigerant is the liquid that absorbs and cools hot air in your home. If your AC has a low refrigerant level — or the liquid leaks somewhere else — you should have an AC technician refill or repair it accordingly.

    Clogged filters. Your AC filters can get clogged over time if they’re not regularly cleaned. Several tiny things could build up in those areas and hinder your AC from effectively cooling your residential space from dirt, pollen, dust, to pet hair.

    Faulty compressor. The compressor is regarded as the heart of the air conditioning system. It carries the refrigerant to and from the inside and outside units, facilitating air conditioning in your home. If it gets faulty, the very functioning of your AC system will be affected.

    You have damaged air ducts. According to experts in air conditioners in Berkshire, this is a common cause of AC concerns in the area. Air ducts transport conditioned air back into your home. When they get damaged or torn, hot air coming from outside can seep into your home, making your indoor temperature warmer than you want it to be.

    Dirty outdoor unit. An AC system has an indoor (evaporator) and outdoor unit (condenser). Both should be cleaned and serviced regularly. However, the condenser is more prone to damage and dirt buildup because of its very location. If it becomes covered in dirt, it will hinder your whole system from performing at its peak.

    No preventive maintenance. AC units are meant to be serviced periodically — depending on the manufacturer’s instruction and on how huge and busy your household is. If you skip this critical task, it’s inevitable for your unit to break down at some point in time.

    Improper installation. Sometimes, the root cause of your dysfunctional AC lies in the installation itself. If your AC is too small for your home or if it wasn’t installed correctly, it can make it more challenging for your unit to cool your space adequately.

    Enlist Professional Help For Your AC Issues

    Fixing an air conditioning that has suddenly stopped cooling your house is something that should be left in the hands of professionals. With their tools and expertise, they can inspect and pinpoint any underlying issue and apply appropriate solutions.

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