Selwyn Gerber's Book, The Wealth Blueprint, Reveals Success Secrets of Wealth Management Are Still Long-Term Equities, Indexing

Top Quote Long-term holdings in equities of the largest companies, allocating investments wisely with the use of index funds, and disregarding the daily, panicked stampede of the herd are the highlights of the strategy Selwyn Gerber advocates in his book The Wealth Blueprint. End Quote
    Quote a strategic passivity-pays approach to investment success Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 25, 2012 - San Diego - In Selwyn Gerber's book The Wealth Blueprint, he states quite clearly that the only secret to successful wealth management is to return to the tried-and-true path from which investors have strayed. Long-term holdings in equities of the largest companies, allocating investments wisely with the use of index funds, and disregarding the daily, panicked stampede of the herd are the highlights of the strategy he advocates.

    Although the words in The Wealth Blueprint may be Gerber's, at a fundamental level, they echo the wisdom of Warren Buffett, who has long been Gerber's guru.

    "The investment markets have become the antithesis of Mr. Buffett's philosophy," said Gerber. "Yes, we should be aware of the turmoil in the European Union, as it relates to the financial condition of Greece and Spain; but, regardless of what happens, the citizens of these countries will continue to buy the global brand-name products that the largest companies sell. That's why my company invests in European countries, not Euros, for our clients."

    According to Selwyn, these large, global companies, measured as a group, have an earnings yield of more than 7 percent. They have unprecedented cash reserves that likely total $2 trillion, so they can withstand any short-term trauma in the world, or markets. In addition, not only will Greeks and Spaniards continue to buy these corporations' products, but so also will the one billion new consumers from rapidly developing countries who will have the disposable income to buy the same soft drinks, clothing brands and electronics.

    Within the pages of The Wealth Blueprint, subtitled "Everything you'll need to take control of your portfolio and beat the 'Wall Street Pros' at their own game," Gerber counsels that successful investing can't be driven by fear or the latest world or financial news. Only data should be the driver behind investment decisions.

    Gerber added, "Although short-term stock market pricing is driven by the passions of fear and greed, long-term equity valuations are determined by the underlying profitability of the 5,000 great businesses in which we're invested. At RVW Investing LLC, we use a 'Darwinian' rules-based stock selection model to access groups of superior companies - using ETFs, which are taxefficient and low cost."

    Rip Van Winkle is Gerber's personification of the wealth management philosophy presented in The Wealth Blueprint. He would seem hardly to represent the modern go-getter, highly energized and always working hard to make success happen. According to Gerber, however, Rip Van Winkle is right on target, or as Gerber writes "a strategic passivity-pays approach to investment success" is the most effective wealth management strategy. This also mirrors the slogan of Gerber's book: "Invest Right. Then Sleep TightŪ."

    Gerber's The Wealth Blueprint is written and organized so that readers are led directly to the core of the challenge to successful wealth management and understand how to utilize the readily available solutions. Whether it's "The Secret of Investing in the Stock Market Summed Up in 100 Words," "The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing" or "Everything You Needed to Know About Investing, But Were Working Too Hard at It to Ask," The Wealth Blueprint is filled with Gerber's insights and is given emphasis and made entertaining by his singular wit.

    Both have made him a much sought-after guest on Fox News broadcasts and public radio programming. He is also often booked for speaking engagements, many of which are attended by the growing number of retiring or soon-to-be retired Baby Boomers.

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