Upcoming Crowd Funding Platform, RoseCrowd.com Is Going to create the first 0% Fee Crowdfunding and E-Commerce platform

Top Quote Crowdfunding Campaign to make Crowdfunding more affordable. Entrepreneurs are working with low cost payment processors like Dwolla to offer 0% Fee E-commerce and Crowdfunding for the first time ever. End Quote
  • Columbus, OH (1888PressRelease) February 13, 2016 - Do you think Crowdfunding should be free? If so join Rose Crowd and help start the world's first Crowdfunding site with 0% in fees. The Problem We need to end the #CrowdfundingTax. Rose Crowd is an innovative new platform that lets you receive 100% of donated funds. Wouldn't it be great if the next Raspberry Pi killer or 3D printer had 8% more funding to put towards development.

    Kickstarter charges a 5% cut in addition to a 3% fee for card processing. This fee makes it impossible to offer dollar for dollar items like e-gift cards, and makes every project 8% less efficient across the board. For instance if you wanted to build solar powered condos you would lose $80,000 of every million raised. Rose Crowd will also allow Non-Profits and the general public to run fundraisers or accept natural disaster relief with 100% efficiency. Simply switching platforms would give Crowdfunders and Non Profits millions in savings to put towards their causes. We need press coverage so we can educate the open source community on the desperate need for a 0% fee Crowdfunding platform. There are no technical hurdles, and setting up a Crowdfunding platform is dirt cheap relative to the possible advertisement dollars. The rapid fall in hosting costs will make ad free services like Craigslist more common. The internet is home to cut throat competition and the so called "race to zero", however many platforms that charge a set fee like Kickstarter and Amazon have been ignored. Technology investors give Kickstarter and Amazon a free do not compete card, and few if any competitors are funded. Today many companies invest money into expensive to host but "free to consumer" cloud services, just to retain fickle customers. Companies like Facebook and Google make their fortunes by providing free services and have trained the consumers to resist paying for almost any online service. But somehow this fierce competition has never reached Crowdfunding and a few other untapped goldmines like App Distribution, Music Distribution, and E-Commerce Platforms. Investors pour billions into Uber bit ignore these other markets that are 100x more lucrative with 100x less competition.

    Seriously, does Kickstarter provide any expensive perks like Google Photo's unlimited free storage? No, Kickstarter and Indiegogo set rates above 4% and the "free market" stays oblivious, refusing to compete out of ignorance. A free Crowdfunding Platform should have always been a goal for the community. All Rose Crowd needs is $15,000 in order to fund the Indiegogo Campaign. The campaign could also help cover the cost of final implementation. Additionally Github is filled with thousands of programmers who can choose to support the world's first free Crowdfunding platform. The Challenge Breakthrough Allowing Non-Profits to fundraise online with 0% Transaction fees (Rival Kickstarter + Indiegogo) Allowing the public to Fundraise online with 0% Transaction fees (Rival Kickstarter + Indiegogo) After launch we will also create a platform for Artists to sell songs/streaming rights with 0% cut and transaction fee (Rival iTunes/GPlay) Further along we wish to launch create an E-commerce platform for manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. This will save consumers 20-100%+ on every purchase (15% savings from eliminating Amazon FBM fee + 5-85%+ savings from removal of Amazon seller and removal of Distributor/ Middleman from the distribution model)

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