Understanding The Value Of Hydrogen Generating Automobile Kits

Top Quote Sales of HHO Generator Kits are soaring while increases in gasoline prices are taking effect. Regardless of the economic downturn, drivers realize the potential for saving actual dollars at the pump. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 11, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - (JoeDolanPR) - Combined with the desire to "Go Green", drivers are finding relief at the pump and cleaner operating vehicles with the HHOZAP technology. HHO gas generators are becoming increasingly popular among state and government agencies due to the ability to drive off high fueling bills and HHOZAP has designed a key element that makes that happen. It's the proven technology of the HHOZAP Cell.

    While gas prices continue to be on the rise, many car owners are looking to the benefit of hydrogen generators to reduce the fuel costs in their vehicles. Despite unrealistic claims that some people are running their cars using simply water, the actual plug-and-play HHOZAP Cell Kit is proving that with the addition of a Hydrogen Generator in a gas powered vehicle, the savings at the pump are very realistic.

    Californians, over many of the nation's residents, are consistently searching for ways to "go green" and to simply save money on necessities. HHOZAP's hydrogen generator kit is a proven tool in achieving both Green Concepts and saving money. The addition of a simple hydrogen-producing cell in a vehicle has been repeatedly tested and the results are a testimony to the technology that so many people have been asking about. HHOZAP is taking the effort closer to home and is offering installation of the HHOZAP Kit in Agoura Hills, CA, at the Agoura Hills Auto Spa, when purchasing a cell kit for your vehicle. In just a few short hours, your vehicle will be passing the pump as you continue to drive the way you normally do.

    HHOZAP has devised a plug-and-play technology that can be fitted into any vehicle, gas or diesel powered. The cells are completely sealed, made of stainless steel and are one hundred percent safe for use in all weather conditions, terrains and even with simple 87 octane gasoline. You do not need to baby your vehicle with high priced fuel options.

    Once installed, the HHOZAP cells produce hydrogen on demand. The kit is powered by the car's engine and it does not store hydrogen once the automobile is shut off. When the car desires fuel, hydrogen is produced from the cells and enters the vehicle directly through the stock air intake the vehicle manufacturer installed. The result is a stronger burning flame that uses the hydrogen generated from the cells to power the engine. Less fuel is used and savings are clear from the first fill-up after use.

    HHOZAP isn't a luxury for the rich and famous. HHOZAP kits cost between $300 and $500 complete depending on your engine size, with installations costing less that $250 depending on the vehicle. The kit can be inserted into any engine compartment, as the functioning parts are few and easily fitted into your car's available space.

    Tests for the kit were performed on several manufacturers vehicles including Lexus as well as a Jeep Cherokee, as seen on the company's website, www.hhozap.com. Four or eight cylinders, gasoline or diesel; the result is the same. Cleaner burning, fuel saving vehicles.

    Paul Hobbs, owner and operator of Agoura Auto Spa in Agoura Hills, CA offered a few statements about the HHOZAP Kit.

    "I've installed a number of these kits," Paul says "and fitting them into a common vehicle or a luxury vehicle has been the same. The kit doesn't require a lot of space, or a lot of maintenance. Just add water and save money."

    The technology is based on using potassium hydroxide (koh) in conjunction with distilled water. The HHOZAP cell produces approximately 3 liters of hydrogen per minute, on demand, and puts the hydrogen directly into the engine. The HHOZAP kit was designed without the addition of unnecessary parts some HHO designers add to inferior designs. This makes installation easy and keeps costs lower.

    "We have proven what works and removed what doesn't," tells company founder Bobby Frankel. "The design is simple, durable and easy to install. It just works."

    Based in the Los Angeles area, HHOZAP is an independent manufacturer and distributor for the HHOZAP Hydrogen Generating Kits. Their website, http://www.hhozap.com, offers technical documentation, video and photos of the kit as well as parts to support the kit's installation for eager mechanics. Please visit the website, or email hhozap ( @ ) gmail dot com for further information on the HHOZAP Cell Kit for your vehicle dot

    Information regarding this press release can be obtained from joedolan ( @ ) gmail dot com. JoeDolanPR is an independent press writing and publicity service in Los Angeles.

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