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  • Diego Reilly
  • Phone: 1-800-898-8672
  • URL: http://www.piscologia.com
  • Launched in 2008, Topa Spirits, LLC is an importer and wholesaler of pisco, a brandy traditionally produced in South America. The company currently produces, markets and distributes Piscología® Pisco, its core brand.

    The company name "Topa" is derived from the Inca Topa, also known as Inca Tupac Yupanqui, who was an Incan emperor known for protecting and expanding the Inca empire in South America. His successful conquers helped gain control over the Chimú state on the north coast of Peru, the northern half of Chile, and part of Argentina. The company name celebrates this important part of South America's history.

    Topa Spirits, LLC is a privately held company with offices in California, Washington and Lima, Perú. The company is committed to brand excellence, uncompromising quality and consumer satisfaction, as well as the responsible advertising, marketing and use of Piscología® Pisco.

    Topa Spirits, LLC deeply values relationships with retailers, distributors and venues that champion innovation and integrity, and cater to a progressive consumer base.
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  • Piscologia(R) Pisco Grows with the Expanding Market
  • Topa Spirits delivers more Piscología® pisco to Washington, Oregon and Montana. Socially conscious company participates in charitable efforts boosting relationships in the US and Perú.
  • September 02, 2011