Top Cyber Security Companies to Watch in 2020 - How to Reduce Human Risk with Security Awareness Training for Free

Top Quote Cyber security companies need to start reevaluating their offerings. While phishing attacks continue to become more sophisticated, small businesses need to begin providing security awareness training to their staff and stop continuing to throw technology at the problem. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) November 08, 2019 - SecuVantage seeks to help small and medium sized businesses build a culture of cyber security awareness, reduce their human cyber risk, and produce meaningful risk reduction reports to demonstrate return on investment. Cyber security culture is a term you will hear me use a lot during this webinar. But what does that exactly mean?

    It is important to understand that culture has to do with people. When companies adopt a culture of cyber security, they essentially lower their risk to potential attacks, data breaches, and other malicious threats against their organization. For any cyber security awareness platform to be effective cyber security awareness training platform, it first needs to show your staff how attacks occur through regular phishing simulations. The content needs to be short and engaging, teach your employees what to look for, and provide action steps required in order to be successful.

    Phishing comes to a user via email, website, phone calls (vishing), SMS text (smishing), and are designed to steal money and/or sensitive information. Cyber criminals do this by installing malicious software on a userís computer, tricking them into providing sensitive information, or stealing information right off your computer, or worse. I am sure you all have seen the reports that ransomware is on the rise. The easiest way for hackers to deliver this is through phishing because the success rates are so high. In fact, a recent report showed that 91% of all successful data breaches, started with a phishing attack. That is pretty astonishing to think about. Had these organizations had adequate training, this number would have been significantly lower.

    Phishing attacks are on the rise. Small and medium sized businesses now more than ever need to start thinking about ways to create a culture of cyber security awareness. SecuVantage has announced that in 2020, they will be offering a completely free, comprehensive cyber security and security awareness training platform. The platform offers security awareness posters, phishing simulations, identification of high risk staff and departments, and so much more.

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