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Top Quote held another session of ‘Weekly Pitch Events’. For more details on the latest pitches, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via LinkedIn and YouTube. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 15, 2023 - The ‘Weekly Pitch Events'(WPE) kicked off with great enthusiasm as pitchers from around the world joined to present their innovative business plans to a global audience and eager angel investors. This online series provides a platform for prospective startups to pitch their business ventures with the aim of finding investors who share their vision and mission. Those who consider themselves to be interested in these topics can join with and be a part of the ongoing excitement.

    To enjoy the full extent of these recent pitches, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. GMT via Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    Our host for the event was Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, a well-known figure in the business world. He is the founder of "" and also serves as the Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. Max has a diverse background as a venture capitalist, business owner, merchant banker as well as a CEO. He has advised companies in various sectors including infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology, on deals worth over €100 million, and fundraising efforts exceeding €50 million.

    Steve Bidinger kicked off the session. Steve introduced himself as the Founder of Skai Beauty Inc. He has over 32 years of experience in the global cosmetic industry.

    Skai Beauty Inc. is a D2C lifestyle brand that aims to create clean and sustainable beauty. Currently, Skai Beauty has two products, Hair Care and Hair Colour. The Hair Care’s made in Italy - it's organic, vegan-certified and suitable for consumers of all ages. The Hair Colour is produced in Japan, and the user can colour and repair their hair at their very homes with this. The containers are eco-friendly as well. “Our plan is very ambitious. We hope to go to 10 markets and multiple categories in the coming years. We're starting with Japan first and China would be next.” Steve explained. Going to saloons takes more time and money. “Our value proposition is a salon-quality colour for home use. Get higher quality and shine than the drugstore brands at half the cost. We add in an OLAPLEX-type for damaged hair, and simplify the colour choice” Steve explained. He is currently looking at a pre-seed round. Skai Beauty, which was nominated for a Sustainable Cosmetic Award in 2022, also had a soft launch in Japan with a year's worth of inventory already prepared.

    Antimo Fiorillo pitched second. He is the Co-founder of ALLYFE and has experience working in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade, specifically in research and development.

    Antimo started by outlining the intricate challenges that arise from trying to accelerate medical research and clinical trials while ensuring patient retention. Trial participation alone can be time and cost-intensive, it often results in 80% enrollment failure, 50% patient loss even before enrollment and 30% dropout during mid-trial. ALLYFE is determined to greatly mitigate these problems. It’s a SaaS platform that's designed to oversee critical areas like customer privacy and security and ethics and more.” Our market opportunity is huge, we are talking about a TAM greater than $285 billion,” Antimo explained. ALLYFE’s revenue stream is segmented into subscriptions, consulting services, set-up costs and payment milestones. After releasing their first software product, ALLYFE signed a contract with the health board of NHS Wales, launched their first clinical trial with NHS UK and have the trademark registered with the EU. “we're preparing for a seed round to be expected in Q1 2024” added Antimo also explaining that the funds would be allocated towards sales and marketing, research and development, product, operations, and customer success.

    Puja Mahajan - Founder of AZZERA, was the third to pitch. Puja has spent most of her career in private aviation, gaining experience in managing aircraft and aircraft operations. She also possesses a background in mechanical and environmental engineering.

    “Every minute over seventy aircraft take into the sky and each emits an average of 25 tonnes of greenhouse gases” Began Puja. As aircraft owners and operators search for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, new carbon emission schemes are emerging. Soon aviation companies will be required to report and offset emissions within a given threshold. Currently, there is no tool in the market to help such companies manage their emissions. AZZERA is aimed to help solve this. It’s a B2B SaaS platform that integrates the operating software through API into the platform. The data will then be calculated to create the report while complying with the latest requirements like CORSIA. Users can obtain the needed carbon credits and lessen their net emissions by purchasing sustainable fuel credits. Puja believes that AZZERA can obtain $740 million from the market. The presentation ended with AZZERA being described as a one-stop shop for emissions management.

    During the fourth pitch, Sean Kommer introduced himself as the Founder of GRADITO. He has vast experience working as a personal chef and collaborating with several world's leading restaurant chains.

    GRADITO is an all-in-one software solution that enables customers to enjoy a customized in-home dining experience by connecting them with professional chefs. Sean pointed out that the process of hiring a personal chef can be intimidating due to the extensive back-end work involved. GRADITO addresses this by providing users with access to chefs who can meet their specific dining requirements/preferences while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. “Our SaaS platform has the ability to acquire an event space with transparent pricing” Sean stated. GRADITO offers services to three vertical markets - B2B and B2C events spaces, provide hyper-personalized luxury items, and staff the best in the business. GRADITO will retain 14% of each meal purchased, offer meal subscriptions, and provide a highly personalized experience through its application. “We're targeting every large market city throughout the US” Sean added. He added that the aim is to book chefs through application rather than the analogue. GRADITO intends to allocate half of the investment it receives for general corporate purposes, 25% for talent acquisitions, and the remaining balance for research and development.

    The session concluded with a final question, "Why should investors consider investing in your business venture?"

    “There are success cases, if we make our five-year sales figure with a typical valuation for a cosmetic brand, investors in our pre-seed round may enjoy (hypothetically) a return of 50-60 times or more” Steve responded.

    Antimo shared “There is a massive market opportunity that I have shown, and we are inventing a life into the NHS infrastructure”

    Puja shared that AZZERA’s objective is to tackle the latency of action without compliance and with the compliance of companies by making it effortless to act to turn emissions into action. “We've already received traction, and other governments funding regulation is coming to support this business too, so join us.” She added at the end.

    Sean answered,” This proprietary technology is not limited to at-home Chef Services, we're able to disrupt a multi-billion-dollar domestic recruitment industry, and I am looking for someone who believes in the sophistication of GRADITO to invest.”

    The Weekly Pitch Events culminated in a successful conclusion. allows free membership, which enables participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them directly in contact with investors. Need further information on upcoming sessions and events? visit and on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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