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Top Quote EquityMatch.co held their last episode of the ‘Weekly Pitch Events’, for February presenting 3 sets of ambitious and talented startup founders who were determined to showcase their business startups to eager viewers. For more details on the latest pitches, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via LinkedIn and YouTube. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 15, 2023 - The Weekly Pitch Events started their last episode for February presenting 3 promising business pitchers who were invited to the broadcast after undergoing a meticulous selection process. The Weekly Pitch Events (WPE) is an ongoing online series that introduces fresh and original startups and allows them to pitch their business plans/ideas to an audience of seasoned investors and interested parties.

    To experience the remarkable and engaging conversations, and the thorough presentations shared in each episode, you can either become a member of EquityMatch.co or tune in every Tuesday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. GMT on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

    Our host as always is Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of “EquityMatch.co” and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. In addition to serving as CEO, he has built a global name for himself as a venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, he has advised companies on deals worth more than €100 million and fundraising efforts totaling more than €50 million.

    Founder of WATCHERR, Nikolai Stevens is a business engineer, who founded his first company which was an elderly residence. This journey and its challenges led Nikolai to the pitch presented today.

    WATCHERR, in a nutshell, is a health-tech company. It provides SaaS and AI to nursing homes, hospitals, and people at home through integrated plug-and-play system software. Earning €1.3 million in revenue and gaining sales traction of 40 elderly homes in (Belgium and even the UK) in 2022 are amongst their most notable achievements in the recent past. “WATCHERR generates a large amount of data, finds the deviations, and provides it to the healthcare provider, so they act to prevent any harmful situation from happening” Nikolai elaborated. He also explained that the setup of the device is enabled to capture different features and risk movements no matter the patient’s location, so there’s no discontinuity of tracking. The AI helps detect an extensive range of diseases too. When presenting the business model, Nikolai explained “We gather products and services, we offer this back to the market, and the B2B setting via service fee per month and B2B2C market, we also offer devices with just a service fee”. Nikolai further explained that the market is large - $83 billion in fact, and there’s an equal opportunity as well. He added that WATCHERR’s revenue is growing steadily while expanding to other regions via distributors, and if they obtain the requested funding, they will focus on the development of sales and marketing along with AI development.

    Next to pitch was Oluseye Oyeniyi, who is the Founder of an innovative business venture – Serotones Tech Ltd. Through this Oluseye introduced nowpx.com.ng which is a digital platform that allows the public to purchase pharmaceutical drugs online and have them delivered to their homes.

    Oluseye who has studied Micro Biology and worked in the pharmaceutical sector for 10 years covering diverse fields like sales and quality assurance, explained how he observed a deep-rooted problem of Nigerians having trouble accessing quality medication for prevalent diseases like Malaria and even more basic medication like contraceptives. “nowpx.com.ng is quality health on the go” explained Oluseye. Whole sellers and retailers can register on the platform and, users can fill out a form indicating their medication needs, and make payment via card, bank transfer, or on delivery. Then Nowpx orders from the approved and registered stores/suppliers and delivers to the app users within 24 hours. “We’ve sold over $100,000 on our platform and served hundreds and more” Oluseye added. Another major strength Nowpx has apart from quality logistics and promptness is its strong presence and relationship with inner towns and urban areas. The pharmaceutical market in Nigeria is valued at $2 billion. Nowpx's current investment search is mainly looking to fund the warehouse and inventory development, equipping licenses to do more products among other requirements. Oluseye further shared that by the end of this year, they hope to obtain a revenue of $1 million with a net profit of $0.3 million while targeting to double that value by the next year.

    Our third and final pitch was given to Bert Bernolet who is the Founder of PAMOGI with a background in engineering.

    PAMOGI is a digital platform where entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors, and other inspiration-seeking professionals/individuals can come together to understand and share ideas and so much more. Bert explained the general turbulence we see in the work field across diverse sectors. The burnout, the ongoing job hopping, and general dissatisfaction in working despite needing a steady income. PAMOGI provides a possible solution. “We want to create an online platform where people can craft/build their own work-life” Bert explained. There are people with brilliant ideas but with little to no time or resources to implement them, and there’re people with time and resources who wants people with ideas. This platform makes these two types meet. PAMOGI already has an online community and is looking to use the funding they receive on completing the MVP. In terms of revenue, there is a transaction fee for users to join and exchange information and feedback. The larger the project taking place, the higher the transaction rate goes.

    Max closed the session with a critical question to all “Why should an investor invest in your business?”

    Nikolai was the first to offer his great response - which was to save as many lives as possible from around the world.

    Bert then answered, “To be part of the future, to change how people work to improve their well-being and their work-life balance”

    Oluseye responded, “If you invest in us, you invest in improving human life, in professionals who need support while also making a profit, because we have the experience and expertise”.

    With that, this session was completed. If you are interested in enrolling for the course, it involves free membership to EquityMatch.co, which gives participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them in touch with investors directly.
    For more details on upcoming sessions and events, go to www.equitymatch.co and EquityMatch.co social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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